Thy Neighbor


Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MariaJolene 2 / 10 / 10

Plot holes and exhausting dialogue

I've never heard a wife call her husband Pastor so many times in my became very unbelievable to hear two pastor wives referencing their husbands as "Pastor" to each other instead of their first name or "my husband". That was painful and so very off putting. . The plot had a lot of holes, no real follow through on the neighbors history or potential mental issue. I was expecting the neighbor to turn out to be someone the "Pastor" had known when he was a kid and hadn't treated right or perhaps saw signs of abuse and didn't report it to an adult. The neighbor was painted as a recluse but suddenly comes to the door and stops by the couples home many times...that seemed abrupt. The actor that played the neighbor was hands down the best in the movie, letting his gaze linger too long and other non verbals that show something wasn't right. The ending seemed quite abrupt and didn't really resonate with a clear message. The beginning aerial shots were very nice and had a big picture feel. I feel this is a stepping stone to something greater. Overall - The director needs to focus his talents on directing because that is where his talents are - the writing needs to be done by someone talented in that area. Movies can contain a positive or Christian message and still be relevant to non church communities. The writing can make that happen successfully.

Reviewed by Max6640 2 / 10 / 10

All reviews on here are by the bottom of the barrel cast AND

Director and crew. There absolutely horrendous people are appealing at acting and making movies and have lied about how good their "movie" is. All the 10/10 votes are by those low end nobodies. This movie was the worst movie made. Shockingly bad actors ALL of them. Bad Director just bad and poor script. In fact these people should be banned from making movies especially about imaginary friends and "faith" Movie for weak minded small people only.

Reviewed by penelopemmorris 2 / 10 / 10

Confusing and Concerning Message

This movie fails to deliver on any level. It's Christian message is handfisted, overwrought and tortured. The thriller concept becomes completely unbelievable and irrational. The writing was forced and the actors had nothing work with. The couples' relationship was awkward and cringeworthy. Clearly, they were operating on a low budget, but that isn't an excuse for bad storytelling. So many plot holes. Letting the neighbor come into the hot tub and their home when they weren't there?! Not calling the police and driving away after discovering your house was bugged and having an intense confrontation with a crazy person?! The story dragged on and didn't have any sense of closure at any point in time. We're supposed to feel bad for the villian because of his mental illness, but he becomes extremely threatening and psychotic. The message of sacrificing the safety of your family for ministry is a dangerous one.

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