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Colin Farrell as Jesse James
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Michael Shannon as Mel Donnelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gogoschka-1 8 / 10 / 10

Underrated Drama About The Draft During The Vietnam War With A Great Colin Farrell

This was the film that put Colin Farrell on the map. Great, character-driven drama about the Vietnam war era and the draft with all its consequences. Farrell shows amazing leading-man charisma, and after his performance here it was clear he was going to be a huge star. 8 stars out of 10. In case you're interested in more underrated masterpieces, here's some of my favorites: imdb.com/list/ls070242495

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 1 / 10 / 10

Not So Bad.

I'd gotten the impression that this was just another autobiographical study of the hardships of an Army training camp, rather like "Jarhead." Instead, it's an interesting piece about suffering, responsibility, and testosterone. It's 1971. Colin Farrell and Mathew Davis are friends, sort of, just out of basic training, now in infantry school in the Louisiana. The final week is spent at an isolated camp which replicates the conditions of Vietnam, called Tigerland. Soldiers speak of Tigerland in hushed, frightened voices. I don't know why they dread it so much because, as it turns out, except for one psychopathic maniac, it's not that much worse than infantry school. The sergeants should foul curses at the men, shove them, kick them, beat them to the ground and literally make them eat dirt. Plaudits for the photography, the casting, the performances, and the direction, which, thank Bog, doesn't use a wobbling camera except for a few minutes during a live fire exercise. No CGIs and no slow motion action. Nobody runs away from an exploding fireball. Nothing explodes. What a relief. The plot is an amalgam of elements familiar from other stories. There is the non-conformist who invites disaster by not cowering like everyone else -- "From Here To Eternity," "Cool Hand Luke." The soldier who is a natural leader of men but continually turns down responsibility -- "To Hell And Back," "Fixed Bayonets." The main message of the movie shouldn't raise anyone's hackles. Vietnam was a pointless shedding of blood, but it's not the Army's fault. They do everything possible to prepare the men for combat, even if it looks (and is) sadistic. The war was foolish but the men in uniform aren't to blame. How can it be wrong?

Reviewed by omsn-59450 1 / 10 / 10

Film is a joke

if you expect to view anything close to the way the Army was in that era. I went through basic training at Fort Polk in 1972. It was nothing like this film portrays ... the barracks and mess hall were made of what was called World War II wood -- the typical barracks design that housed millions of soldiers in World War II. That was not what was portrayed in the film. I could tell that the film was not filmed in Louisiana and looked it up -- filmed in Florida. Some filming at Camp Blanding - and I've been there but didn't recognize any of the areas from the camp in the film. I don't know about 1971, but in early 1972 the Vietnam war was drawing down and NO ONE from my company was sent to Vietnam. Personally, I was assigned to Germany. The conduct and troop interaction portrayed in the movie was unlike anything I witnessed at Fort Polk. First, no NCO (sergeant) or officer laid a hand on any recruit. There was no friction among soldiers as portrayed in the movie and no racial issues. We did have one guy who refused to take a bath and several platoon members threw him in a dumpster to get his attention and that worked. It is true that the Army was in very bad shape during that era. I and other new soldiers there were subjected to a lot of harassment, but many things were done as teaching points to help us survive if we had of been sent to Vietnam. Oh yeah, I pulled KP and never had to peel a potato - the Army had machines to peel potatoes in 1972.

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