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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Xstal 7 / 10 / 10

'Its almost like slavery time'...

A lot to absorb in this engaging documentary about a black man sentenced to sixty years for armed robbery and the fight by his wife to get him released after a more reasonable period of incarceration, although twenty years is still pretty hefty all things considered. It's a story centred on the injustice system but at its heart is Fox Rich whose dedication, love and drive to get her husband freed shows a commitment few others could aspire to under these challenging circumstances. Innovatively filmed and presented, the saddest part is that we become increasingly immune to such injustice as it's so often encountered, especially within African American men.

Reviewed by jason_leo 4 / 10 / 10

Plenty of sad cases in America this isn't one of them

I love real life like the wm3 and making of a murderer. I knew the story line going in so I assumed it was the explanation of a family surviving over the years. Instead we get a constant barrage of white man this poor black man this how dare prisons treat us this way its like slavery. After about an hour I had enough and had to turn this junk off. White people with the same sentences are not busy complaing that its because they are white. They decided to have six kids they decided to open a clothes store and then decided to Rob a bank. What parent of six decides to Rob a bank? Then with all the money they don't have they chose to hire a solicitor instead of getting a free one the solicitor screws up robs plea Bargin and then quits leaving it to goto trial which is strange if he is pleading guilty. How when you choose the actions you take knowing the potential outcome can you then complain about the outcome. Go watch a Jonestown documentary or the west Memphis three instead.

Reviewed by tningersoll 4 / 10 / 10

One side story

I enjoy the flow of the story and the layering of family experiences.But it was all from one side - Sibil's. There is a lot of that is glossed over - that her husband turned down a plea deal and took his chances and only then was scheduled to 60 years. She is smart, pretty, good mom, excellent wife but she is also myopic, obnoxious and righteous. It just isn't a balanced story.

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