Time Changer


Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Gavin MacLeod as Cookie
Hal Linden as The Dean
Jennifer O'Neill as Teresa Raffo
Richard Riehle as Tommy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MajorFilms 10 / 10 / 10

Profound and visionary look at "the domino effect..."

TIME CHANGER is certainly not going to appeal to all audiences, especially teeny-boppers who may be atracted by the SCI-FI elements of the film's artwork and trailers. Yes, the film contains some very cool visual effects and a plot premise right out of H.G. Well's Time Machine. However, make no mistake, director Rich Christiano and his investors at Trinity Broadcasting Network are using this unique Sci-Fi premise to make a definitive spiritual point. Accordingly, I would suspect that TIME CHANGER will be strongly embraced by the Christian community and fans of movies such as "LEFT BEHIND" and "THE OMEGA CODE." The film is well made and especially well acted with a fine cast. For those seeking intellectually intriguing Christian entertainment, TIME CHANGER is the "2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY" of this emerging genre'. Mainstream audiences will also enjoy the premise and superb execution. But this is not likely to be the first choice of the rebellious teen-crowd. Regardless, I would recommend this film as a great video purchase or rental.

Reviewed by Mulliga 1 / 10 / 10

Don't watch it unless you are a truly fundamentalist Christian...

It's rather obvious Hollywood is fairly liberal, but at least the movies that show this bias are entertaining. "Time Changer" is basically one long tirade against the values of today. It is, in some ways, valid (churches should focus on the Bible and not on "fun" activities designed to swell the ranks, our society HAS become too obsessed with sex and violence), but, in some ways, it is incredibly intolerant. Saying that Jesus Christ is the only source of truth is like saying Buddha or Mohammed can only show correct morals; in this modern era, that kind of attitude belongs in 1890. This is a Christian movie for diehard Christians. The movie itself is fairly slow, with long theology and philosophy along with heavy-handed acting that sometimes borders on the laughable (Captain Stubing!). Personally, I prefer theology from a pastor and entertainment from a movie. Oh well.

Reviewed by skrayper77 1 / 10 / 10

What a ridiculous load of crap

If you see this movie, then I can only assume you've learned what I've learned... there is a Hell, and this movie is a 90+ minute preview of it. >From the beginning, you are force fed religious dogma of the far-right wing Christian Conservatism. The plot is a bit absurd. The person, 100 years removed from our technology, finds his way around a little too easily. Basically, if you're a Christian group wanting a movie that says, basically, you're right, then watch this movie. Otherwise, if you're easily offended by movies that insult your intelligence or your way of life, I seriously don't recommend it. The acting is fine, except for the two husbands, and the lead. Those three are in desperate need of acting lessons. The period costumes are great, I give them that.

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