Time of Her Life


Drama / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rich Wright 1 / 10 / 10

5.9?! Wwwwwhhhhhhaaaaattttt?????

"A REAL GHOST CAPTURED ON FILM" trumpets the front cover. "WAS IT ONE OF THE STARS AFTER SEEING THE FINISHED PRODUCT, HAUNTING THE SET OF WHAT DROVE HIM TO THE EDGE OUT OF SHAME". I ask. But I kid... Suicide is no laughing matter... so don't do it. There are people who love you, the Samaritans are only a phone call away, it'll take ages for your mum to clean the bathtub... etc. But IF there was a good reason for taking the ultimate step, being part of this... THING must rank somewhere between your family discovering you're a poultry molestor, or that you have all of Shaking' Stevens back catalogue in your collection. I have to ask... Is this a joke? When they picked these actors, who must rank among some of the WORST I've ever seen (they can't even smile convincingly) was it because they paid into the project, or the casting director had a LOT of extended family members? And as for the dialogue... Jeez. It starts off like a bad episode of Eastenders, then we get the historical flashbacks... And it starts to resemble a REALLY bad Jane Austen adaptation. (Apologies for linking the great lady's name with this tripe). Seriously, if you set up a cringe-o-meter for the lines here, it would be off the scale every 10 seconds. AHA you might add, it may be a boil on the bum of Satan, a complete disgrace to the film industry and anyone with a brain, but at least it's good for a few unintentional laffs, right? Well... Yes, and no. Yes, in that there are some choice moments here which'll have you rolling in the aisles, but having to tolerate the rest of the crap that is bundled along with it... I don't think so. I'm thinking back to that supposed spectre "CAPTURED ON FILM", and I have another theory. Could it be... Jeremy Beadle playing a gag on us all from the afterlife? Did the spook have a big bushy beard, and was he carrying a microphone? If it was indeed the prankster himself, than THAT WOULD EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!! Making a fake movie... that must rank as one of his most audacious set-ups yet. Of course... anyone who's watched it would figure it out immediately... NO-ONE would spend money on making something as shoddy as this. Right? RIGHT?! 0/10

Reviewed by JAMES BROWN (jibproductions) 1 / 10 / 10

A shining example of the spirit of independent film-making.

Shining a ray of hope for other filmmakers with the 'it can be done' attitude Steven M. Smith has accomplished what little others have; delivering a period drama on a budget. 'Time Of Her Life' is a feature, which in itself is enough to be praised. Furthermore it uses historical locations based in Essex to draw the magnitude of the love tale to our psyches. The script is forward moving at a pace that allows us to develop affection towards the main character, Alley (played by Laura Penneycard). The movie clings to the issue at hand, resisting the temptation to bombard it with unrelated issues other young filmmakers might have tendency to include. Overall, 'Time of Her Life' demonstrates Steven M. Smith harvests an intelligent perspective on emotional issues and will no doubt grow to become one of the UK's leading film-making figures.

Reviewed by nigelkbrook 1 / 10 / 10

Mediocre at best

Frankly I'm rather incensed that on the basis of the dazzling reviews attributed to Steven Smith I wasted nearly two hours on his debut offering. Have they all been written by his pals? The action clunks along, the music is irritating and over used, the script is simply dire and the actors (with the exception of the gardener) mediocre at best. I do think we should support the efforts of a young filmmaker but saying it's brilliant when it's not will surely only encourage him to make the same mistakes again i.e. continuing to write his own scripts and using the same actors for another venture. Yes, it's his first film, low budget etc. - I get it, but it's also out there for members of the public to purchase and it's just not up to scratch.

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