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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikedegroot 4 / 10 / 10

A honest review for Tone-Deaf

First off, this film is classified as a horror comedy, but the only real comedy comes in the form of a few awkward moments and a couple attempts of 4th wall breaking humor of Millennials and Boomers taking some cringeworthy jabs at each other (which are not funny at all and seriously bring it down a whole point by themselves). To keep this review short and to the point, any positives that I have to say about this film goes to the production and acting. There is some nice cinematic shots, good sound design, and solid effects. The acting is slightly above average but there will be no award nominations coming their way for this movie. The story on the other hand, is a mixed bag of mediocrity. It is all over the place and changes tone several times during the film. At some points it tries to be a serious thriller. At other points it is a light-hearted dramedy. Yet at other times it's an arthouse parody that really makes little sense. Overall the movie is weird and doesn't seem to have a good sense of itself. There are a couple good scenes and there is some decent production to it, but the majority of it is a just a nonsensical mess that's just not very entertaining. Not a film that you're going to want to watch twice and very forgettable. 4/10

Reviewed by ok-patrick 6 / 10 / 10

Strange Flick, Terrible Pianist, 4th Wall Cringefest

Weird script, weirdly executed, with chuckle/cringe-worthy generational shots fired throughout the film. The story execution did achieve in keeping my attention throughout, however the disillusionment in what could have been a way better film is well established half-way. All-in-all, prioritize viewing other films you might have missed in your life, but give this a go if you want some "wtf were they thinking" moments.

Reviewed by TwistedContent 6 / 10 / 10

Fun Times at Robert Patricks House

Having seen "Excision" and "Trash Fire", I was expecting another oddball horror from Richard Bates Jr. & so far his debut remains his best. Nevertheless, "Tone-Deaf" is a fun albeit forgettable expierence. The main selling point for me was Robert Patrick (as I'm sure it's for the lot of you) & the pretty decent trailer, and I have to say that I'm slightly disappointed. Mr. Patrick was awesome, of course, but most of the characters, the story & the whole point of it wasn't too great. An old-head hating on millenials and taking action is an old but fun concept & "Tone-Deaf" didn't give it a new spin really. Few of the 'millennial' characters were lame, unsympathetic and annoying, but that could've been the point... However, it's not much of an excuse for the main character being the same kind, didn't really feel for the protagonist this time. The plot is also predictable enough and doesn't go to unexpected and surprising places. Despite the wobbly characters, acting was fine or better. To sum it up, it's all a bit wonky regarding the script. Visual style, cinematography and fx were of no bother, well done, thumbs up. The soundtrack was colorful, with a few songs that can only be associated with millenials, but hey, it's the whole theme of the flick. That and too much other things. Also, while it is technically a comedy, I can't recall any funny moments really. What I say may make it sound less than a 6/10, but overall "Tone-Deaf" is fast moving, keeps you entertained & has Robert Patrick as the antagonist - that's certainly enough for warranting a watch from anyone who enjoys watching indie horror flicks.

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