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Brian Krause as Mark Curson
Bruce Dern as Richard Smythson
Clifton Powell as Mr. Wellington
Ethan Phillips as Mayor Winston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blaketarno6696 1 / 10 / 10

What where they thinking , awful

This movie is the definition of horrible !! I love horror movies and even cheesy ones to just have fun with but this is just straight up bad . The acting is some of the worst I have ever seen !! The people show almost no emotion when getting killed or seeing someone get killed ! It's so bad it's laughable. If they knew it was this bad and had fun with it that would be different but the actors are trying so hard and it's just bad ! There is zero plot to the movie too . I mean wow I honestly think this was made by a 13 year old who's dad had a extra 1000 dollars laying around . I mean the girl has been locked in a cage for 13 days and her hair and make up is perfect even after she has cried and messed it up days before but yet in the next shot it is perfect? One of the laziest movies iv seen . They also play the worst music , when the killer is attacking someone it just randomly plays this upbeat tech no music?? And at another point she is out of The cage and the killer walks off but the girl just crawls right back into the cage!!!?!? the dialogue in this movie is awful and there is barely any In it ! What where they thinking when they made this movie? Who looked at this pile of poop and said "yeah that's a good one! That's the shot right there ! Perfect"

Reviewed by bournemouthbear 5 / 10 / 10

Truly Awful

Toolbox Murders 2 (2013) What passes for the film's plot is simple on the page but convoluted and messy on screen where it makes no real sense at all. For the most part the film concentrates on one poor young woman's horrific plight as she is caged in a serial killer's gloomy abode. There are flashbacks and supernatural elements none of which seem to make much sense and just add to confusing what should have been a straight forward exercise in exploitation. Rather than make a pig's ear of trying to explain things I'll hand over to the film's writer and director Dean C Jones who details the plot as below. Hollywood, California is turned upside down by a series of strange and horrific murders creating chaos and turmoil in tinsel town. One particular victim, Samantha Forester (Chauntal Lewis), is kidnapped, held captive and subjected to witness the torture and murder of numerous other victims. It is by her will, strength, and faith that she must survive the ordeal. Her escape seems hopeless and only worsens when outside supernatural forces become more difficult to contend with than her captor. This alleges to be a sequel to Tobe Hooper's reasonable 2004 remake of the 1978 cult favourite The Toolbox Murders bringing back that film's killer Coffin Baby for another stab at a franchise. Quite how two-time Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern (as Vance Henrickson) was convinced to star in this muddle will remain a mystery although to be fair, and possibly to Dern's relief, he's barely in it five minutes. The same applies to the film's other recognisable face Brian Krause, starring as Detective Chad Cole, who appears and disappears quickly from proceedings. Originally shot back in 2011 Toolbox Murders 2 had additional footage added by the director, unbeknownst to the studio, following a poor festival reception and was retitled called Coffin Baby. This was independently released in 2013. Due to legal issues it is only now that the film can be released as Toolbox Murders 2 and here it is. From the Se7en style opening credits (it's like twenty years now since that film opened and people are STILL imitating it, enough already) through to its nonsensical ending Toolbox Murders 2 is more of an ordeal for the viewer than it is for the leading lady. So much about this film irks, rather than entertains, its audience from huge gaps in logic - how come not one cop sees Samantha taken from the police car - to how clean Samantha remains in such a hell-hole given the period of time she is incarcerated. I was also rather perplexed by how it is not one person has ever spotted where our serial killer lurks and works. It's not like the building he takes his victims to be off the beaten track; in fact it looks rather localised. Perhaps our killer needs to be near the local amenities; after all he does need to pick up a nice bottle of wine and cooking condiments to add to the taste of his victims. It would also explain where he managed to find such a lovely fresh flower to offer to Samantha as the only nice gift he thinks to give her. Toolbox Murders 2 feels thrown together rather than edited with any sense or meaning. The acting is miserable and the film is ultimately pointless. Gore-hounds will get off on the decently handled make-up effects - a victim sawn in half is a particular highlight - but otherwise this is a resounding dud. You'll get more satisfaction out of watching a clock tick away for an hour and a half than you will from watching this and I rather wish I had. Check out more of my reviews at

Reviewed by trashgang 5 / 10 / 10

strong on gore weak on story

I just came across this flick because it's second title was The Toolbox Murders 2. Do I need to say more? Linking this flick onto the 1978 classic...Sure, he do uses a toolbox but that's the only link so you can guess what I'l going to to write about this little stinker. The flick never got my attention for the story itself because it's full of plot holes but why I never pushed the eject button was the gore added. If you do like extreme gore then this is a must see because it's rather explicit and gorehounds will love it. If someone can explain why the story involved the Black Dahlia murders then I will be happy to listen. The "coffin baby" itself is a bit weird too. Towards the story they are trying to give the victim the Stockholm Syndrome but somehow it didn't work because she do wants to escape naturally. She do gets used by all the horror done in the cellar but still...her face never got dirty... And then there's of course Bruce Dern. It takes over an hour before he comes in doing what he does best, looking scary. Gorehounds, don't hesitate and go for it but if you like strong stories forget it. Gore 5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 0/5

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