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Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Adam Sandler as Hubie Dubois
Kevin Hart as Silas
Rosario Dawson as Andy Fox
Taraji P. Henson as Left-Wing Student
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by szopeno 1 / 10 / 10

Even if it was funny in original, all humor was lost in translation

In short, it was the worst comedy I watched within last three years. Now, to be honest, I am not a native speaker (as you can easily guess reading this review), so I watched it in Polish, so it could be that indeed in original there were some funny bits. It may be also that there is, as some people say, chemistry in original. But it was all lost in the translation. It all feel fake, terribly boring, with few bits thrown it to justify calling this... thing... a comedy. But I do not think it all can be blamed on translation. I've watched dozens of French, English, Russian, Czech and even Chinese comedies and I laughed. Here... I just kept looking at the watch to see how much it is left. Awful. Toxic. Avoid it.

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 6 / 10 / 10

Adequate "com", with some "rom"

'Top Five' is Chris Rock's third directorial effort - and it is better than 'Head of State'! I love Rock as a stand-up comedian, but I feel like he still hasn't quite got it all together in terms of acting/directing. This is by no means a bad film - it's just not his, or anyone involved, best work. It's partially-autobiographical: comedian turns actor, cashes in on simple family-friendly films, gets pigeon-holed, tries to branch out into 'serious' films, flops. In reality, it's almost an Eddie Murphy biopic - hugely successful comedian, drug/alcohol issues, simple family-friendly films ('The Nutty Professor', 'Doctor Dolittle', 'Shrek'), then 'serious' films ('Dreamgirls', 'A Thousand Words'). Andre (Rock) starts off as an unlikeable, self-obsessed celebrity, engaged to an even more unlikable reality-TV "star" (Union), but is interviewed by Chelsea (Dawson) for an article and lets his guard down. The two of them conversing are some of the better scenes, as Dawson is such a great disarming actress - impossible to not love. You get some (hopefully not based too much on reality) anecdotes and a few funny moments. There's room for plenty of good actors/friends-of-Rock's - Smoove, Tracy Morgan, Cedric the Entertainer, Romany Malco, Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler & Jerry Seinfeld - but none of them get enough time to do anything too funny/great. The eponymous "top five" is the question Rock asks others to see who their favourite rappers are - purportedly to 'test' their credibility. I wish Rock has focussed a little more on his top five attributes - being funny, multiplied by five! The film has a decent romantic angle and a good ending, but it not great, nor poor.

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 6 / 10 / 10

Slowly gains momentum along the way

This movie started unevenly: odd cameos and unreal moments. The longer it went, the more I cared. Rock managed to make this character an actual person in actual moments. That's when it got funny. And worth watching. Here's hoping Chris Rock builds from here.

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