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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jwrabbey 1 / 10 / 10

If you expect a Tom Cruise quality movie, fly right past this one.

In all likelihood this is the worst "military's" movie I have every seen. Its even worst than Iron Eagles 3. and that one just plain stunk. Do was 1:23 minutes of your life watching this one, unless you are starving for new content during quarantine.

Reviewed by pubquiz 1 / 10 / 10

Top Goner!

Jesus Tap Dancing Christ...I evacuated my bowels while coming to grips this is a real movie. Don't watch, you'll never get that time back!!!

Reviewed by ops-52535 1 / 10 / 10

eric roberts are usually not a success-secret

This is truly a disgrace against the USAF and NAVY SEAL's if its meant to reflect their business of training and warfare, i'm not a military specialist, though ive had my turn in my nations service, shot with an automatic and knew loads of drills, but this film is a rubbishfull of junk. it is a film that will disgust even the nerdiest of military aircraft nerds, and if this ''lets make money with a cool poster and title before the superblockbuster hits the market''- bummer should reflect any of the top gun 2 movie, then i will not see that one either. inconsistencies is a keyword to the whole shalabaise, after afterburning into mach2 speed, how probable is it that all 3 pilots parachutes spot on their base... ooooh how irritatingly stupid, and i guess snow in baja california is a bliss of a surfers dream, how probable is that....? the special effets are ludicrous and , yes... fake.... and actingwise it could fittin a d-cup or maybe an f'er, because these kids are really suckling for attention, but its a bummer believe me, detention in a military barrack with ten drillseargents would maybe teach them a lesson in how militart life is. there are also a lot of close up filming of the pilots in their seat, and the acting and the bliss in their facial expressions when the deed is done, is like seeing a close face up post -climaxing couple in a d(e)grade(d) porn flick. its a terrible movie... and ill better quit hammering this indespicable, unlikeabel, stupidety mothridden junk of wannabe filmaking worth a negative score. they could have saved the honour if they had turned this into a militarymocking comedy but they dont... the grumpy old man are angry and there are no way i will recomend this piece of junk. if you doo, play it ffwd 1.5 because they speak sooo slow.

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