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Billie Burke as Mrs. Kilbourne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mark Turner 8 / 10 / 10

Ghostly Fun

Fans of the movie TOPPER can rejoice in the knowledge that they can now own the film in the best quality possible. VCI has just released the movie in blu-ray format and it's about time. The film was a huge hit when released and a much needed boost in the careers of its stars, in particular Cary Grant who went on to mega hits in the screwball comedy genre. The story revolves around Marion and George Kirby (Constance Bennett and Grant), a wealthy married couple who spend the nights drinking and carousing, a fun loving pair with little care in the world. When the movie opens they're on their way to an annual meeting overseen by their trusted caretaker Cosmo Topper (Roland Young), a banker who oversees their investments and takes care of things. Cosmo is the complete opposite of the Kirbys. He's more inclined to sit passively while life passes him by, more intent on pleasing his wife Clara (Billie Burke), a woman intent on making it in high society. But is he really content? On the outside Cosmo is the stuffy shirt that the Kirbys might tease but he has a boyish quality to him inside. Things change when the Kirbys leave the meeting and George's reckless driving lands them in a wreck killing the two of them. But fear not, that doesn't end to film. It's actually the beginning as both Marion and George become ghosts. Stuck in limbo since their lives led them to do neither good nor bad they realize that the only way to move on is to do a good deed. They decide that the best thing to do is rescue Cosmo from his boring life. Soon they have Cosmo out on the town having the fun he always wanted. He buys their car and has it restored. All of this is to the consternation of his wife who feels he will end up disgracing the family name while she continues to pursue the upper crust crowd. Oddly enough she gets her wish not by her snooty attitudes but by Cosmo's change of attitude. Every step of Cosmo's transformation finds him aided by the Kirbys. Sometimes seen and at others invisible they help him to discover that he may not need to go quite as far as they did with having fun but that he can enjoy life rather than be chained down by it. The movie is a fun filled one that offers the cast the chance to do what they do best. Bennett was already a major star at the time the film was made and this one just advanced her career in that upward direction. As noted for Grant this was his first major comedic role and it suited his style perfectly. He went on to star in many more screwball comedies as well as dramas. For Young it was the biggest role of his career and one that earned him an Oscar nomination. One wouldn't think that a movie focused around the death of a young couple would offer many laughs but the opposite is true. To this day the movie is a fan favorite for many and a perfect example of the screwball comedy genre. The story was popular enough to lead to two sequels as well as two TV series based on the story. Sadly many young people might not be familiar with the film but getting them to watch it should result in their discovering that movies were as good back then as they are today if not better. Extras are nearly non-existent here with just the theatrical trailer available. But the real treat here isn't the extras but the movie itself. It's a fun filled romp that's sure to entertain even some 80 years later. Hard to believe it's that old.

Reviewed by Antonius Block 7 / 10 / 10

Don't overthink it, and you'll enjoy this one

'Topper' is a fun and playful movie which has several things going for it, starting with Cary Grant and Constance Bennett, who play a sophisticated married couple who enjoy staying out all night carousing. They are both delightful. Grant gets a little too reckless behind the wheel of his expensive sports car, and they end up ghosts, but there's no sadness here, and the only difference seems to be that they can now become invisible. They still have appetites (e.g. for alcohol) and can make physical contact with things. Does that make sense? I don't know, but who cares. The film works as a romantic comedy and relationship film, as Grant and Bennett are contrasted by a wealthy banker (Roland Young) who is stifled by his prim wife (Billie Burke), who has him on a tight leash and schedule. She needs to loosen up, and he needs to assert himself, and Grant and Bennett help that along in their own odd ways. There are solid performances all around, and you'll recognize Burke from her role as Glinda the Good Witch in 'The Wizard of Oz'. The special effects are nice, including seeing Grant and Bennett fade in and out, and float various objects in the air (the tire changing scene is brilliant). It's also nice to see Hoagy Carmichael perform a catchy song, 'Old Man Moon'. Don't overthink it, and you'll enjoy this one.

Reviewed by weezeralfalfa 7 / 10 / 10

Cary and Constance are a ghostly pair with heavenly ambition

The first of 3 films based on 2 books written by Thorne Smith: "Topper" and "Topper Takes a Trip". Released in '38, "Topper Takes a Trip" was the first sequel, followed by the 1941 "Topper Returns". The present film is billed as the one with the most comedic content. "Topper Returns" differs from the others in being a ghostly murder mystery. In the other 2 films, there is no mystery about the cause of death of the person(s) whose ghost will provide most of the entertainment. These ghosts are rather unusual in that they alternate between being visible and invisible, mainly visible to bank executive Cosmo Topper. Also, when invisible, they manifest signs of a physical body being present. In this respect, these ghosts are infringing on the territory of the Invisible Man or Woman, who are not ghosts, but rather people who have received a treatment causing them to become invisible for a while. They also manifest physical capabilities similar to the Topper ghosts. We have a couple: George and Marion Kirby, who wreck their expensive roadster on a windy road, both being killed. Cosmo Topper later buys their reconditioned car and travels the same road recklessly, running off the road in the same spot as the Kirks due to a blowout. But, this time, the car was not badly damaged nor Cosmo badly injured. He sits on a log where the Kirby ghosts still are hanging out. "Get off my wife's lap" shouts George, greatly startling Cosmo. The pair become visible, again startling Cosmo. They talk for a while, then George becomes invisible and changes the blown out tire. Invisible George drives the car, startling passerbys.(This is long before the inception of driverless cars). Later, they go out, and Cosmo gets drunk and pushes a policeman. This starts a general melee, with the Kirby's becoming visible and joining in. Afterward, a now invisible George again drives the car, freaking out people. You get the general idea by now. The Kirbys hope to do some good deed relating to Cosmo so that they may qualify to enter heaven's gates. Cary Grant wasn't in the other 2 films of this series. Not a big deal, I would say. Aside from driving the car, Constance had a bigger role. I would say "Topper Returns" is a more interesting film because of the murder mystery factor. Also, "Topper Takes a Trip" and "The Invisible Woman" are better comedic films of this type....Billie Burke exhibited her usual neurotic simpleton character, being excessively concerned with the Topper's social standing.. . Hoagy Carmichael sang and played the new song "Old Man Moon", also later sung by the Three Hits and a Miss.

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