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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anushas-01098 4 / 10 / 10

Great beginning but steadily declines throughout

This movie started out with a lot of potential. AJ King's character Kylie is very relatable. She's very pretty but not in a model sort of way that's distracting. She's a little insecure and and got pressured into sexual activity. She has a strict mother who doesn't understand what she's going through. From the beginning of this movie we see a kind girl who is the victim of cruel bullies. The scene of Kylie crying in the shower was very well done. I was able to really feel for Kylie and step into her shoes. The problem is this movie doesn't take the first act anywhere. When Kylie goes to babysit in a creepy house, we don't see her grow as a character when she is attacked by creepy intruders wearing pig masks. Kylie is smart and pretty good at keeping her cool, but she doubts herself. I would have liked to see Kylie channel her anger from the bullying into self-confidence and growth. Instead, we get Kylie on the phone with a suspicious sounding 911 operator for almost the whole middle of the movie. The ending is even worse. The student who assaulted her (Markus) shows up for no good reason. There are a few highlights: Kylie was able to turn the tables on Markus and use her ingenuity in the truck to handle her attackers. The highlights are good but still left me wanting a lot more. The ending scene in the hospital was so unrealistic I wish I could unsee it. I could excuse one major plot hole (Markus showing up randomly) but not that hospital scene. Berkshire county would be a much better movie if they used Kylie's trauma to help her develop over the course of the movie. Instead, Berkshire County was written in a way that makes the first part unnecessary really. We don't need to learn about Kylie being bullied if it doesn't contribute to the rest of the plot. In a nutshell, this movie didn't make use of its strong points. Maybe the director and writers were trying to make the plot unpredictable, but I found it discombobulating. I would have preferred Markus and his girlfriend being behind the attack and Kylie getting revenge on them through her superior intelligence and character. This was what I was expecting but we got a bunch of fakeouts instead :( Sometimes being predictable isn't so bad.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 9 / 10 / 10

low value horror

Kylie Winters gives a blow job at a costume party. She is secretly filmed which is shared among her classmates. The guy is a douche and his girlfriend isn't happy either. Kylie reluctantly takes a babysitting job on Halloween night. People in pig masks come trick or treating. It's the start of a harrowing night. The acting is relatively fine for a low budget indie horror. Kylie is pretty good. Marcus is too annoying as an idiot. He is so much better as a smarter scheming villain. His kill could have been done much better. The 911 call is an obvious twist. It would be better to accentuate the moment when she decides to save the kids instead of saving herself. The pig masks are great and the gore is functional. The filmmaking style is relatively flat. This is low value horror which isn't quite original enough, other than the pig masks. I do like the masks.

Reviewed by lightlikecoolwhip 9 / 10 / 10

Not sure why the ratings are so low for this one

I've been watching a ton of mediocre to terrible thriller/horror movies lately and this one was a nice fresh surprise. Perhaps it's because I'm a female and it was directed by a female. I don't understand why the other reviewers are calling the main character a dumb sleaze from the first scene and that made them not care about her? It was clear that she was not that type of girl from the start. The bullying and slut-shaming she received made her more likable for me because it was undeserved. Her day started out pretty awful and then she went on the babysitting gig from hell. That house was really interesting and different from the classic two-story suburban home we're used to seeing in usual babysitting thrillers. From the moment the killers made their first real appearance, I felt extreme tension throughout the rest of the movie. There were definitely some fresh twists with these villains. Also, the female lead never made those common mistakes you usually see in these types of movies, she moved quickly and used smart tactics against the psycho killers. She started out as a mousy doormat and became a real fighter by the finale. At the end of the credits there is a disclaimer that says it was inspired by actual events but the characters' names have been changed etc... That was a surprise to me and made me like the film even more.

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