Towed in a Hole

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April 2, 2019


Oliver Hardy as Ollie
Stan Laurel as Stan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by david-bartlett 10 / 10 / 10

Cinema's greatest comic actors at their absolute peak

Every single detail and frame of this film is a work of art. With only Laurel and Hardy in the cast, it is the most beautiful 18 minutes you could ever wish to spend watching a movie. Every gag, every nuance, every movement, every moment is timed and placed beautifully. I can only wonder if Stan and Babe had any idea when they were making this masterpiece quite what they were achieving... Is it possible to recognise timeless perfection in the midst of the process without spoiling the result? Whatever, this film could almost bring tears to the eyes it is so charming, so satisfying, so quietly side-splitting, and such a magnificent example of screen comedy at its best. Nothing comes better than this. Ever.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 10 / 10 / 10

Another Stan Laurel Idea Explained and Badly Repeated

Can it get any better than this. Stan has a great idea. Instead of working for "the Man," they should get a boat and fish themselves, thereby accruing all the profits. Since they have little money, it means buying a piece of junk boat and fixing it up. Actually, their ideas are sound and at times their skills aren't bad...but when it comes to coordination and execution, they are totally lost. As soon as they are finished trying to destroy the boat before getting it launched, things seem ship shape, if you will. But it isn't long before their mutual efforts begin to clash. Of course, as is usually the case, poor Ollie gets the worst of it. He is crunched, glued, painted, and abused. Yes, he did make the mistake of listening to his friend whose track record is anything but solid. I think the fact that their hearts are always in the right place is what made these guys so endearing. They never meant to be nasty to each other. Circumstances just didn't go their way. This effort, with really just them on the screen, except for a short scene with Billy Gilbert, shows them at their absolute best.

Reviewed by Prichards12345 10 / 10 / 10

"United we stand...."

Ollie's dignified speech, appealing to Stan's common humanity after a hilarious water fight (in which Ollie is constantly hosed down) is just wonderful. And then after shaking Stan's hand he slips on a bar of soap and plummets into a muddy pool. And of course, you just know it's going to happen. That's what makes it so hilarious! This is the boat-fixing up short; apart from a brief appearance by Billy Gilbert this is Stan and Ollie slowly building sight gag on sight gag in that unique way of theirs, until it's just irresistible. I'm still giggling over the sight of Stan tied to a barrel with two black eyes to keep him out of mischief, and immediately on being freed sending the boat to complete destruction with his first suggestion! What a brilliant comic actor Hardy was. Never been beaten. And Stan of course, a gag-creating genius. Their chemistry, timing and sheer invention has never been bettered. This is a truly great short, and it's not alone in the L & H canon for being so that's for sure!

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