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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kremer-Thomas 1 / 10 / 10

Nice try, but not even mediocre

First things first. I hope the team enjoyed the production. Unfortunately the film uses almost every bad cliché you can imagine. The mask and special effects are poor. That may have been due to the budget, but it would have been nice if the zombies hadn't all looked like tired panda bears. The story isn't very complicated, with a little more effort they could have made it more interesting. What bothered me most about this movie, though, was the underground choreography of the fights. It's so bad that you want to shout to the makers: Guys, watch some sword fights on Youtube, you can learn a lot in the process. Or better yet, go to some live role-playing games and you'll get to see some good masks too. I showed the film to my son (11) to give him a feel for how depressingly badly planned fights can look. The actors try hard, but unfortunately they don't get beyond that. It may have been the script, but most of the time they just seem confused. I recommend everyone to save time and to avoid the film.

Reviewed by future_release / 10

Shame so much work went into movie... it was generally wasted

Clearly a lot of time and effort went into this movie and it's nicely acted ( I think the script sometimes makes the actors seem more wooden than they actually are ) and generally well shot. Sound is good too. The pace is so slow. The story is simple. Pick up the pace though The fight scenes are ridiculously choreographed ( more of a dance than a fight ) with the actors stood waiting for their turn to fight it looks stupid. VFX is ropey and please get someone new to sort out your Greenscreen work as you can see an edge around all the greenscreen clips. ( either that or you've tried to fake a depth of field and it hasn't worked and it looks like badly cut out greenscreen ) I'd love to see more from this group with another movie and another story.

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