Toxic Skies

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Anne Heche as Wendy
Barclay Hope as CEO Dick Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tek-09462 1 / 10 / 10

Don't waste your time.

The first five minutes of this movie made me think it was going to be good. I was wrong. Totally and completely boring.

Reviewed by CaliRemix 7 / 10 / 10

Not a hidden gem, but actually not bad

When I saw this movie on Netflix, I decided to watch it just because it takes place in Spokane (close to where I grew up). With a pretty dismal rating, I wasn't expecting much going into it. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The production value, acting, filming, sound, etc. are all well done. Unlike many Netflix instant-play movies, it seemed this one was made by a competent production company that actually invested into the quality of the film. Although the story isn't anything extraordinary, and can be very slow at times, it can be credited with being somewhat original and provides a few fresh twists. If you aren't expecting a Hollywood blockbuster, and can manage to sit through a movie without A-list actors, you may actually find the 90 minutes of Toxic Skies enjoyable. The only thing I am really disappointed with is the location of Spokane plays no role besides the movie needing to take place somewhere. It is ironic the one thing that hooked me into watching the movie ended up being irrelevant.

Reviewed by texastom-615-792609 7 / 10 / 10

Get it Right, People

Chemtrails are NOT contrails. Chemtrails are NOT the vapor trails that some of us remember growing up. Not all jets are spraying. There are obvious differences in the way that normal contrails (vapor trails) and chemtrails (chemicals being purposely disbursed) behave. As an engineer with vast studies of atmospherics I can tell you that chemtrails exist. We are being sprayed. Do a bit more research and you'll find patents and documents on government websites that support these facts. You'll also learn that different departments of the government have hired people to create online personas with the intent of spreading misinformation and creating havoc in forums where people discuss anything that is contrary to the official "party line".

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