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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bublenutz 7 / 10 / 10

Not Great but Good...Independent Horror Movie.

I was not sure what to expect going into TPOF. Obviously there was going to be trailer park and terror, but from the box I was assuming it was going to be another attempt at a independent zombie movie. I was wrong, dead wrong! TPOF is not a zombie movie, which is good (just because of the saturation), it also had an interesting setup which gave us some insight to the characters (Terry from 3's company is still hot!) but I had a serious problem with the storyline. The are some flaws which should have been addressed, in addition to some unfunny scenes which were unnecessary. However the production value, set design and SPFX was above average from my perspective. The acting was decent plus being a no-budget producer myself, I know first hand how important these aspects are. I could not recommend renting this unless you like slasher horror movies, good gore or dark humor and this is not a zombie movie, so if your expecting a zombie movie you will be disappointed. JP Welcome to Dreadville Series

Reviewed by evlved 8 / 10 / 10

No Evil Dead, but definitely a good time

don't listen to all of the super low ratings for this film. of course you can't really compare it to bigger budget horror/comedies. it's no Shaun of the Dead by any means, but this movie has it's shining moments, and there are definitely more than a few. the movie starts extremely strong. i'm not a fan of country music, but Trace Adkins cameo at the beginning was very well done and entertaining and led right into the rest of the movie. of course the biggest factor that can determine whether a movie in this genre is good or bad is the script. i have to say that a lot of the one-liners in this movie are pretty clever and you'll find yourself laughing practically through the whole film, and not at things the filmmaker's didn't mean to be funny either. if you're a die hard horror fan, this movie is right up your alley. there is enough blood to satisfy your appetite... and for fans of dark comedies, you'll enjoy it as well.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 8 / 10 / 10

Nothing short of spectacular...

Wow! This movie totally took me by surprise. Initially I bought it because it is a zombie movie, but I had not imagined that the movie would be this cool. If you liked "Shaun of the Dead", then you definitely want to check out "Trailer Park of Terror". The story is pretty straight forward, and as you would expect of any horror movie; something sinister happened in the past, then many years pass by and a bunch of teenagers find themselves in the location of the grizzly deed that happened many years in the past. And then it all takes a turn for the worse. Enter the hillbilly zombies! "Trailer Park of Terror" combines three great things into one great movie; humor, gore and really amazing zombie make-up. I was in awe at the effects of this movie, and it was really obvious that Drac Studios are really knowing what they are doing. Hats off to them for the amazing effects they have pulled off on the zombies in this movie. That make-up and special effects alone make it worth sitting down and watching the movie. And the music score/soundtrack for this movie was really great as well. Very well picked music that worked well for every scene. And the song that the zombie was singing when he was on top of the trailer, that was just phenomenal. It was so well placed for the movie and the timing of the story. The cast they put together for this movie was nice as well, though I didn't really recognize anyone here. But that doesn't matter, because they did great jobs, and it is refreshing to see new faces in movies every now and then. And I must say that it was really the zombies that carried the movie, because they had so much personality, and they were hilarious. (Plus their make-up really helped them well along the way.) "Trailer Park of Terror" is really a gem much like "Shaun of the Dead" in the zombie genre. There is a lot of humor in this movie, so don't except to see a Romero style zombie movie here. I am a huge fan of zombie movies, and once in awhile I stumble upon a zombie movie that perfectly incorporates comedy into an otherwise gore-stained and serious genre. "Trailer Park of Terror" is a definite MUST watch for all zombie fans.

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