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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by generationofswine 1 / 10 / 10

An Honest Review

SHOCKING, now we are down to 5 reviews as the Admin at IMDB enforce their politics. There are certain films that IMDB forces you to like... and this is one of them. Like it or else, the IMDB enforcers say as they Goose Step into the era of book burning. AS MY LAST REVIEW BROKE NO GUIDELINES, I AM JUST GOING TO WRITE IT AGAIN This is a disturbing film. Not because it has to do with the LGBT community, but because most of the children here CLEARLY don't want to take part in what their mothers are forcing them to. We have a Gender Disclosure event, that looks and sounds eerily like a religious confirmation right down to the congregation repeating what the priest says. I believe the child brought there was four, didn't want to do it. CLEARLY didn't want to do it, but was forced by her mother to stand in front of the crowd and declare that she was a female. Four-years-old and clearly doesn't want to be doing it. And then, moving on, we have a Twelve-Year-old who's mother is clearly distressed over the fact that he doesn't want to parade around, sign book deals, go in front of the press, and claim that he is a girl. He actively fights against his mother as she attempts to force him to do so, and becomes increasingly more distressed that her child is fighting back. Eventually she says that he is just a Lesbian Tomboy, to explain why her son wants to be a boy and do traditional boy things, while she insists the he is a girl. And this is very upsetting to the mother who badly wants her child to be trans and believes it is shameful that her child is choosing not to be. The kids border on confused at the least and outright hostile to it at the most, and the movie praises it as a good thing. Despite the fact that the mothers (mostly single) are fighting their children on it, or taking confused children to a church and forcing them to declare a gender at the age of four, when they clearly don't want to, it is treated as a positive.

Reviewed by danielglenney 3 / 10 / 10

Boiled frog fully cooked

How to not love and guide your child. signs of a society in full decline. Unloving parents hungry for attention in a world where children decide truth, science and morality in the shelter of a sick & bullying society of the Godless upsidedown

Reviewed by autumnjoiner 3 / 10 / 10

An Eye Opening film but not in the way the doc wants

I recently heard that this documentary had come out and I wanted to learn about the subject myself from an open minded perspective. With that being said, I found myself cringing while watching parents publicly parade around their confused children and injecting them with puberty blockers. I feel terrible for what these kids go through on a daily basis and I cannot imagine the type of stress they deal with mentally but there were many moments in this film where the child would flat out say they didn't want to be exposed to the public and sign books and were still forced to do so. That looks bad on the parents and I feel like the last thing a child should be worried about is their gender it seems like that is all their lives revolves around. Over and over the lives of these small children revolves around whether they were a boy or a girl and how much stress that puts them under. The mental health of almost all of the kids seemed pretty terrible and I think it's wrong of parents to put this kind of pressure on their children.

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