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Amy Weber as Karina Nadir
Elissa Dowling as Dr. Taddish
Griff Furst as Itchy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drgrozozo 1 / 10 / 10

oh man

low budget doesn't mean bad movie and there are numerous examples to prove it. but movie maker has to have an idea or at least try to be original and creative. this movie "borrows" all the lamest Hollywood clichés and puts them into zero budget project without adding any shred of originality. so even tho the low budget doesn't mean bad movie, bad acting, bad script, bad directing and bad technical production do. and this is probably the worst movie i have seen in a long time. one good point was the fact that futuristic society was governed by women. if they had machine guns instead of plastic toys and were half-naked this movie would be watchable. this way it just hopes to cash few bucks transmorphing incoming transformers title. bad.

Reviewed by jpmcull 1 / 10 / 10

very disappointing

I only stumbled onto this movie after having mistaken it for "Transformers". That was disappointment number one. Well, being the sci-fi fan I am, I saw it through anyhow. The acting was poor, though about what I had expected. Like the acting in Starship Troopers but with less memorable faces. The plot had potential, but turned out to be a bad Matrix Revolutions rip off. Most disappointing of all was the graphics. The special effects throughout the movie were simply horrible. Way below par anything you would expect to see today. It would have looked amateur 15 years ago. I don't recommend taking this one on sober.

Reviewed by jmajors-3 1 / 10 / 10

these are the greatest actors who ever lived.

I've seem a lot of movies over the years, some of the worst ever made. so i know it takes real talent and skill to make some thing this bad. no way could this movie be an accident. that would be like a high school grad taking the sixth grade proficiency test and getting EVERY question AS WRONG as possible. if this was just bad acting there should have been at least some redeeming scene, one liner or golden turkey award worth event somewhere in the picture. as it is the only thing i liked about this movie was when i ejected the disk and threw it across the room. i got this trash for free and I WANT MY MONEY BACK! the makers of this movie owe me BIG for the time and brain cells wasted watching it. it's to bad IMDb's rating system doesn't have negative values. I'd give Transmorphers a -10

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