Transporter 3


Action / Thriller

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Jason Statham as Farmer
Jeroen Krabbé as Vera's Father
Natalya Rudakova as Valentina
Robert Knepper as Don Surine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clynns-30118 7 / 10 / 10

Could have been a better pairing of costars

I watch this movie last night and I love frank Martin and the transporter series. But what I didn't care for is the actress looked 17 years old and of course John looks a lot older. So it was really hard for me to see a connection there. I think they're both great actors and there's a lot of good scenes in the movie. The one where she gets drunk and then they have relations and they are sitting together on the hillside just didn't do it for me. The rest of the movie was awesome and right on great action flick. He needs a girl with a little more Grit.

Reviewed by shadowfax73 5 / 10 / 10

Romance? Please!

This is the weakest entry in the Transporter series. Robert Knepper is excellent as the lead villain and Jason Statham, as always, is great in the role of Frank Martin. Where the film fails for me is 1) Having a really poor lead actress with a look that is......unfortunate. and 2) A story that's not particularly interesting. 3) Frank giving up his rules one by one, something that his character has made clear is a big no in the previous 2 films. Finally, there's the awful attempt at a budding romance - dare to be different I guess. Frank Martin, The Transporter, does not need romantic subplots, especially when it seems to take up about a third of the film's running time. Cut the film in half and it would be a fine part of the series. As it is, it's a dismal failure. No wonder Statham declined to make any more of them.

Reviewed by cinemajesty 5 / 10 / 10

Falling Short Conclusions

Starting out with an unnecessary opening montage of cross-cuts between the character of Frank Martin, portrayed by perfectly in shape actor Jason Statham in his forerunner role, gone fishing and a tight alley car chasing enriched with cheap looking flashing forward cuts to save screen-time, the third installment of the "Transporter" movie series (2002-2008) can hardly come to pace before at approximately 00h22min the new mission for driver Frank Martin gets gun-to-the-head presented by a fairly performing antagonist under actor Robert Knepper, and becomes clarified; repetitive martial arts scenes choreographed by specialist Cory Yuen, who is not able to bring anything new to table for this picture, after extraordinary full contact action work for the first two installments, which saves "Transporter 3" only over some chemistry slowly build between actor Jason Statham and actress Natalya Rudakova as the character of Valentina and one of three car chases over an open country road toward a tumbling cliff before the first kiss between Frank & Valentina takes place, prevailing the otherwise poor script by producer Luc Besson and writer Robert Mark Kamen of being a fall-out with director Louis Letterier left to direct "The Incredible Hulk" (2008) and Olivier Megaton filling in as director uneventfully. © 2017 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)

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