Triple 9


Action / Crime / Thriller

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April 8, 2019



Aaron Paul as Adam Niskar
Kate Winslet as Rita
Norman Reedus as Billy Neal
Woody Harrelson as Roy Arnie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thomas-arrigoni 3 / 10 / 10

Promising but disappointing

All right, I see you coming "3/10 he's severe!" Well, this movie is too contrasted as it first shows you a very promising story with a pretty famous cast but as the film goes you get more and more frustrated... Triple 9 fails to deliver the story, very too often I felt that the acting was poor except for Woody Harrelson, maybe it's because he played True Detective and it reminds me of a great season one of the TV-Series. That said, as the story goes on, you barely understand the links between the characters, neither their true motive. Chiwetel Ejiofor was the most disappointing as to me he really didn't fit in his role, he didn't convince me at all. Kate Winslet was also not fit to be this ruthless Russian mob boss (or wife as we don't understand for sure...). Many scenes are also totally random and makes you feel awkward. There was good parts and good ideas but very not well exploited. Too bad !

Reviewed by Rob11086 6 / 10 / 10

What Happened?

I'll make this short and sweet. I really wanted to like this movie. With its insanely talented cast, this should have been way better than it actually was. It is well acted, and the cast did the best they could with the material given to them. However, it all gets lost in what tries to be a convoluted plot. This wants to be a really good heist movie (with very well executed action scenes, granted), but in reality it is just a sub-par, predictable action movie filled with your run of the mill, dirty cop dialogue filling the scenes trying to move the plot forward. Rent it for a rainy evening, but don't expect anything you haven't already seen.

Reviewed by toddg-473-289818 6 / 10 / 10

a little confusing

A group of corrupt police officers in Atlanta are on the hook to steal for the Russian mob, with each of them engaging with their own ever shifting lines of morality. One cop's son is used as a pawn by the son's mother, who is the sister of the Russian mob boss trying to get her husband out of a Russian prison. Follow that so far? Yep, it's pretty convoluted. As far as the casting, Aaron Paul as a useless junkie wasn't a good move. It is hard to feel sympathetic for his character, and you find yourself just wanting him out of the way as the movie progresses. Refreshing was a barely recognizable Kate Winslet as the Russian mob matriarch, and Casey Affleck not playing his usual morose type of character. Also, Woody Harrelson does a great job as Casey Affleck's uncle, an alcoholic detective on his last legs, but still with keen police instincts and the desire to protect his nephew's life and career as a young officer.

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