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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ClaytonDavis 7 / 10 / 10

Keep on Truckin'

I had the esteemed pleasure of attending the New York Premiere of first-time director James Mottern's film Trucker starring Michelle Monaghan. To make even more pleasurable was sitting next to James' father and having him tell me how he paid for his ticket to support his son. I share this for a realization of what James' family conveyed and how closely related it is to his film; a working class family never forgetting where they came from. Trucker tells the story of Diane Ford (Monaghan), a young female, independent truck driver living life effortlessly and freely. All seems going to plan or lack there of until her estranged son (Jimmy Bennett) is dropped off on her doorstep due to his father's recent diagnosis of cancer. It is this time where we find Diane's world is turned upside down. Responsibility and the maternal instinct, two important things that have laid dormant in Diane's mind for sometime are swiftly reactivated. Along with this new found purpose, all the other elements that have inhabited her life for ten years are rattled; her awkward relationship with her friend Runner (Nathan Fillion), her ailing ex Leonard (Benjamin Bratt), and his new love in his life Jenny (Joey Lauren Adams). What Mottern succeeds in his narrative his a brave and sensible character study of a woman who has withdrew herself from "real" human emotion. Not as profound as Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler from 2008, but perhaps a simpler tale, one that doesn't require too much of the viewer. For a good chunk of the picture the young Jimmy Bennett does some marvelous work, perhaps the best child performance of the year thus far. Unfortunately Mottern's writing of the young Peter is often stale and unnatural, giving him far too much credit for an eleven year old boy. Though I can admire the work considerably, what I loved about it, I ultimately turned on somewhere within the 90 minute running time. Michelle Monaghan on the other hand gives her most personal and powerful performance of her career. Her dedication to Diane is some of the finest work displayed on screen this year and is surely to be in serious consideration for an Oscar nomination. Monaghan devotes her mind and heart into one of the most unlikable characters and demands our respect and attention, something not easily attained by an actor. Her screen chemistry with Jimmy Bennett is some of the most natural and beautiful scenes seen in quite sometime, despite it being filled anger and acrimony. Despite Monaghan being the best chances of the film to garner awards consideration this season, the unsung hero is Nathan Fillion who gives the most tender and heart warming supporting turn of the year thus far. As I'm sure I might be in the minority for the praise of this actor, I feel inclined to give a superb performance its proper due. I admire it greatly. Other strong aspects of the picture lie in the cinematography of Lawrence Sher is should find himself with an Independent Spirit Award mention this year as well. The film is definitely worth a watch and as it may not fit well with everyone, you have to admire the attempt nonetheless. Michelle Monaghan and Nathan Fillion give some of the best works of the year and it's always great to see the birth of a writer/director like James Mottern and where he could go in his career. Trucker is definitely worth the watch. ***/****

Reviewed by cochranviper1 7 / 10 / 10

This Movie Very ACCURATELY Portrays the Life of a Truck Driver

I Have Worked as a Truck Driver and Being a Truck driver The Portrayal of the Part that Michelle does Is EXCELLENT. I mean the Film was So Accurate that they showed Portions of the Movie in a Flying J Truck stops that are in this Country I mean the TV Lounge and the Shower Scene were Probably Filmed on Location at 1 of the Flying J truck stops and if not filmed on Location they Did an EXCELLENT job of Recreating a Flying J. I do Have to Agree that this movie does BORROW (Not Rip-Off) Some elements of "Over the Top" (Namely the Estranged Parent Child Plot, and Parent Being a Trucker) But "Over the top" was Centered Entirely Around the World of Arm Wrestling, And Not the Real life Struggles of a Mother that Wanted Nothing to Do with her Own Child, In "Over the Top" He had tried to Be a Part of His sons Life But it was the Grandfather that Intervened. I would Recommend this Movie 100% to ANYBODY that wants an Accurate Portrayal of the Real life Struggles that ALL truck drivers Go through.

Reviewed by jotix100 7 / 10 / 10

On the road

Diane Ford is a tough cookie! She is an independent spirit that decided she wanted to be a truck driver; after ten years on the road, she has even paid her vehicle. Life on the road is another story. Diane is seen in a motel room with a stranger with whom she just had sex. Whatever happened between them is now a thing of the past. She must get on the road to her next destination. Unfortunately, Diane is not prepared when she gets a visit from her former husband's companion, Jenny. It has been a while since Diane walked out on that situation. She even left her son with his father and has not seen him ever since. Jenny has come to ask Diane about taking the son back while Len is being treated for colon cancer. Jenny has to attend her father's funeral and there is not a place to leave Peter. While Diane feels this will be only a temporary arrangement. When Peter arrives at her small suburban home, she is not prepared for a stranger she hardly knows. The boy resents the abandonment. He is rebellious, and wants to leave. However much Diane tries to do the mother thing, her son would rather be in another place. "Trucker", written and directed by James Mottern was a surprise. We have seen other films in which a mother that abandoned a child is reunited with the neglected boy. In most cases, the result is a syrupy mess. That seems not to be the case with this indie film that has two excellent performances. We were surprised by the strength of Michelle Monaghan's take on this tough woman that gave it all up in order to pursue her dream, and her independence. Jimmy Bennett, who plays Peter, brings the right amount of hatred with him, but secretly, meeting his mother, gives him a different outlook on the situation he has experienced. Others in the film include Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt and Joey Lauren Adams. "Trucker" although not a great film, is worth a look by serious fans.

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