True History of the Kelly Gang


Biography / Crime / Drama / Western

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Charlie Hunnam as Nicholas Nickleby
Essie Davis as Anna
Nicholas Hoult as David Philips
Russell Crowe as Colin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by revhead-73399 1 / 10 / 10

Pile of garbage

I can't believe that Russel Crowe put his name to this completely inaccurate version of Ned Kelly and his gang of outlaws. It's almost the complete opposite of the actual as l story.

Reviewed by gemfesty 2 / 10 / 10

Watch the first half then turn it off

Entertaining for the first half with some good performances. Then it turns into absolute incoherent drivel, you won't miss anything if you skip the second half of the movie entirely.

Reviewed by gaz_wait 2 / 10 / 10

Fist time you've rooted for the cops in a Ned Kelly film

So the heterephobic cross dressing losers of the true history Kelly Gang sucked mightily. Peter Carey should be advertising recreational pharmaceuticals- it would help with the movie viewing. The troopers (cops) were the bright point of this movie. You actually feel sorry for the rich and powerful for the loser scumbags of the Kelly Gang afflicting them. Wonder where they got so many dresses and razors to keep so immaculately groomed. Grow up Peter Carey. Crap story crap villains in the Kelly Gang. Should have all been executed sooner and shorten this slow motion train wreck of a film.

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