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Clive Owen as Joe Warr
Jason Clarke as Carl Henderson
Liana Liberato as Emily
Viola Davis as Ma Rainey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by axapvov 6 / 10 / 10

Won me over

"Trust" starts presumably as a predictable film. Parents have no idea what their kids are up to and innocent girl gets fooled. Then it turns into a so-so thriller where the father seaks revenge like crazy. The girl seems extremely gullible and at times everyone is kind of irritating. As the film develops, though, it gets interesting. The rape´s aftermath is subtle and intelligent. Both parents have very different approaches and somehow they´re both wrong, as good as their intentions are. The girl´s character is incredibly well written. She´s a mess at first then slowly starts to understand. Writing a believable 15 years-old is not an easy thing to do. Liana Liberato is the star, which has a lot of merit having Clive Owen in the cast. The first hour could have been handled a lot better, not impressive at all, but by the time the film concludes, with a masterful scene, it had won me over. Insightful, modest and intelligent, why would anyone want "Trust" to be "Death Wish part 35" is beyond me.

Reviewed by melissajarnold-278-6890 1 / 10 / 10

Such a moving and slightly distburing (but very accurate) movie..... Highly recommended!!

I saw this movie many years ago and having decided to watch it again last night, I had forgotten how accurate this movie is (reading the news) and the scary thing is how many of these 'Charlie's' exist in today's society? It would be so easy for someone to wonder how on earth a teenager could fall in love with her 'perpetuator' who is not only 10-15 years older than her but someone who rapes her but this Charlie is oh so clever with his words, his constant compliments of Annie, even making her feel guilty to the point of her protecting him; not wanting to help the police catch him and her relationship with her family falling apart. I too used to chat in these chat rooms when I was her age (albeit almost 20 years ago) and while I never met up with anyone or had the same sort of technology/cheap phone plans to constantly be texting back and forth, it scares me if I was actually speaking to a 'Charlie' myself. This movie could have easily come across in a negative way being such a sensitive subject however it was quite the opposite about a subject that should be taught in schools to all teenagers.

Reviewed by Der_Schnibbler 1 / 10 / 10

Lame TV drama

14-year-old girl willingly goes to bed with an online predator and, later, decides it's "rape" when she founds out he, in fact used her. Cue the usual family drama, strained relationships, social workers, FBI agents and the rest. The prissy American audience can sit comfortably in its living rooms brimming in well-deserved self-righteous indignation. This works if you've only seen the world through a western viewpoint. In other cultures, the family would've found the guy and made him marry her. The end. Watch "Megan Is Missing" instead.

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