Tu mérites un amour


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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January 28, 2021



Hafsia Herzi as Samira
Samir Guesmi as Ben / un ami de Lila
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davek28 6 / 10 / 10

Talking about relationships

Reminded me of Eric Rohmer's Comedies and Proverbs. Lots of talking about relationships but nothing nuch happens or gets resolved. It's mildly entertaining but essentially pointless. The guys are all unreliable, unfaithful adolescents and the girls complain but still tolerate them. Nicely filmed and well acted but it's a confection.

Reviewed by pieromonbo / 10

Such a good surprise! Very personal and charming movie.

Many actual movies seem to me too professional and impersonal with an evident will to have an effect on the spectator. I don't like to be told what I have to feel as I'm watching a movie. That's why I liked so much "Tu mérites un amour". The director is a young woman Hafsia Herzi and it seems to be her first feature film after a short. She is also the main performer and has a rich experience as an actress. So I guess she didn't learn the job with theory and technical lessons but on the sets. It may explain her freedom and her sensibility, the way her camera loves her characters is truly moving, finding every time the right distance. A beautiful montage allows her to express in a very precise way, what she wants to tell about her characters. The subject is very thin, a young woman doesn't succeed in renouncing to a man that doesn't deserve her and cheats on her, and she deserves a love that she doesn't succeed in finding. I won't tell the end that doesn't much matter any way. Dialogues are excellent and funny. No morality preach about racism or intolerance for homosexuality; in fact no preach at all, but great portrayal of characters who try to find their way to happiness and love. Simple and straightforward but with a very delicate play of feelings.

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