Tulip Fever


Drama / History / Romance

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April 7, 2019

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eliah Golan 8 / 10 / 10

It was sublime

I loved it. After reading the reviews of other users, I had no expectations from the movie. But, I was very surprised after I finished watching the film that I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot itself is very intriguing and forces the viewer to enter a game of guesses and speculations on what will the characters dare to do next. It's a wonderfully playful and thrilling love story that I would recommend everyone to go and watch.

Reviewed by Karlien1968 10 / 10 / 10

If you like period drama, do not listen to the negative critics!

I loved it...I really did. It is slow paced, what I absolutely like. The costumes where beautiful and detailed. Also the scenery was well done and gave an atmosphere of how it used to be. Worth watching...not the best...but really enjoyed it!

Reviewed by lorenjahns 10 / 10 / 10

Ignore the critics and see this movie

I almost skipped seeing this movie because of bad reviews, but I am so glad I went anyway. This is really an excellent film. I cannot see for the life of me what the critics (both professional and ordinary moviegoers like myself) are pissing and moaning about. The story moves along quickly, with lots of fun twists and turns and lots of interesting characters who are established early and then return at surprising moments. Lots of good steamy sex too, so stay away if you don't like that. I read reviews about the weak acting—they are all wrong. Judy Dench totally nails her role. It seems I have to relearn this lesson over and over: IGNORE THE CRITICS!

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