Tum Mile


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ledsen_grina_skratta 10 / 10 / 10

I loved it.....

Great movie with superb acting according to me. One of Emraan Hashmis and Soha Ali Khans best performance so far. I really liked the realistic feeling I got watching this film. Reading most peoples reviews om IMDb made me believe that this movie will not be good at all. Ghosh I was proved wrong after seeing the film....a beautiful love story told in a great and different way. I cant believe people gave the movie 4.4...it deserves 8/10. I gave it 10/10 to improve its ratings =) I really cant believe how people prefer movies like Singh is king in front of decent movies like this. Don't miss it...its worth watching..Enjoy

Reviewed by prathampikku 6 / 10 / 10

What A Romantic Movie !

Tum mile best movie and especially the tracks of the movies are very melodious and very good music by pritam and lyrics are very good. Songs are cerry expressive and loved the songs. Best Movie Ever ;)

Reviewed by Lover-UD 6 / 10 / 10

Watch it for Love and Music

Emraan Hashmi is back with his trademark style to lure girls and pitch in their lives as easily as breathing. His movies are the best school for "How to win a women's heart" and Tum Mile also adds a little weight in this statement. Before talking about the storyline, firstly I want to give all the hail to wonderful wonderful music. Its very melodious and all pleasure to listen, and for sure Romanticism filled in aroma of the movie is because of that aesthetic music. Thanks Preetam for this wonderful music. Now come back to movie, it is all about an artist who is passionate and talented but a low on his pockets. The guy has big dreams to buy an art gallery for his father. Accidentally he meets a beautiful girl and falls for her in very first sight. With his typical fundas and idiotic and sometimes irritating attitude, Hashmi make the girl crazy about him. The relationship blossoms but as girl is very successful editor and guy is still struggling for his punch start, they create differences and broke up finally. Life takes a U turn when they meet in a flight to Mumbai after 6 years and flowers of love that actually never died in their hearts again spread the fragrance in air. They land in Mumbai where rain is washing off the city completely. Here they meet again and in the shadow of that flood disaster situation the bond of love again shape up for them and brings them closer than ever. Movie is a little slow when both have spats near to interval time. Anyway love birds will love the movie for sure and music of the movie make couples hold their hands tighter. On an average a good flick from Bhatt camp.

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