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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kuarinofu 4 / 10 / 10

What a bizarre film

Tunnelen (2019) is not a procedural drama or an action disaster movie. It's not even something in-between, but rather something completely different. It starts very slow introducing 450 characters 90% of which are not important for the story and they don't even do anything. We have all the social justice tokens in there: weird transgendered being, strong trucker-woman, a white male who is abusive towards his son, and more. Also, the dialogue was very bizarre and I'm not sure if it was intentional or it was the dubs fault. At some point, something happens in the tunnel and we see all the services and all the people trying to solve the problem and to get the people inside to safety. But no, not really. Nobody seems to do anything in this film besides our main heroes, who ignore the orders and just save some people. Everybody else is ordered not to do anything and wait for the people to choke to death, even though you can enter the tunnel and rescue the people with masks as they do. Approaching the 3rd act, the film starts building up so many weird choices and twists it makes you wonder why such an empty film would have this much useless complications in it. To be fair, there was some sort of a main story about a family, and while it was poorly executed, I still acknowledge its existence. It could have been improved, but the film decided to waste more time on useless stereotypes instead. Either you love procedural dramas about responsible people handling the situation, or Hollywood-like action disaster films about claustrophobic environments like Daylight (1996), you will not enjoy this film and I cannot recommend it to you.

Reviewed by nickpedersen 8 / 10 / 10

Orders? who cares?

It starts a little slow, but then something happens inside the tunnel. In the beginning the movie works well, but then the rescue begins. Orders are given from people in charge, but everybody is doing the excact opposite! I mean EVERYONE!!! Its just completely destroying the movie, because its so annoying. And the "hero" is way over the top.... One scene where he ends up crawling... Oh my god! Many many people dies in the tunnel...... But who cares? The people we follow only cares for themselves... Bringing a lot of people in great danger, and deaths, because they disobey orders. Its just stupid and annoying because the story is good.

Reviewed by peder-nyeggen-706-119242 8 / 10 / 10

Solid entertainment

Can't say I had high hopes for this movie, due to its somewhat dull premise and setting. I was pleasantly surprised - the movie turned very exiting after 20 minutes or so, without spoiling too much. Big plus for the hyperrealistic tone of the movie - small, human mistakes turns into an easily believable catastrophic scenario. Characters and story is all very realistic, making for great suspenseful entertainment when things go wrong. Acting, pacing and visual effects is also all very well done. A small minus is some corny music and some characters acting stupid at times; though I wouldn't expect anything else from a big budget action movie. 8/10 recommended for anyone who likes a well done film about humans screwing up big time, solid entertainment

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