Turner & Hooch


Comedy / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Craig T. Nelson as Chief Hyde
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thefreakone 7 / 10 / 10

A fun thing to watch

I remember watching this movie when I was a little kid and what a great time I had at doing so! Because, when you're this young you just don't care about plots or film-making. So, if you sit back and analyze this flick you won't find many Oscar winning angles, but that is not what this movie is trying to achieve. We just may call this another typically silly Tom Hank's early age's movie that many have come to love at first sight. Simply put, this movie is all about funny situations and the comical performances of Tom Hanks and the dog (that dog was a great actor!). Nowadays, I continue to enjoy it because the "chemistry" between Hanks and the dog is very good!

Reviewed by MovieAddict2016 10 / 10 / 10

A Very Underrated Cop-Doggy Comedy...Perhaps the Best of the Genre...

Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) is a clean-cut cop. He keeps his house constantly clean and very organized. But after chaos ensues he ends up with the only witness of a crime scene: a very messy, dirty, hairy, slob of a beast - a dog. Actually, a "dawg" to be correct. That's the breed, supposedly... Tom Hanks is very convincing and enjoyable in his role as a neat-freak cop, and the dog, surprisingly (I never thought I'd write this) is a great actor. There are predictable and very typical eighties moments in "Turner and Hootch," but overall I thought the movie was a very enjoyable cop-doggy comedy, and it has a very nice ending to it ("This is not yours!" When compared to other cop-dog movies like "K-9," it's a wonder that Turner and Hootch isn't on the top 250! 4/5 stars - John Ulmer

Reviewed by TacticalGear 10 / 10 / 10

Oh come on!

I simply cannot believe that this film is rated under an 8. It must have taken ages to get the Hooch's parts right, and it was so funny and even made me cry! You might be thinking that this is a rather unprofessional or unmanly comment of me, but I loved this film. And I'm only 14. A G-R-E-A-T M-O-V-I-E!!!

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