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Reviewed by vsusanmoon 6 / 10 / 10

Gross but kinda a fascinating

This is a brutally gross film so I understand those that do not like it at all since it reminds them films like "Human Centipede." I have watched this film a few years back not really liking it and now feeling like it serves as one of those films you can't take too seriously but can't look away from because it too bizarre. Justin Long stars as Wallace, the main protagonist, along with Haley Joel Osmont as Teddy, two friends who run a podcast making fun of others for fun and money. Due to their many misadventures Wallace goes to Canada to find material for one of his bits for his podcast only to comes up empty handed. That is until Wallace reads Michael Parks's letter on a bathroom wall looking for a lodging partner which takes us into what becomes of Justin Long. Michael Parks does a good job playing the "crazy old man with an obsession", pretty much the only things that stands out in this film. Kevin Smith does a good job of taking a strange part of his life and making it rather sick. The movie reminds you of "The Fly" in that it transforms someone from one level of a human being to the extreme.It isn't horror movie I'd love for the ages but once in a while if you want to fill that nasty, putrid part of your life then I guess this is the movie for it. **SPOILER** ending leaves wondering how is Wallace still alive?! He would of died of infection either that or god take him out of his misery.

Reviewed by MovieLover OhYeah 6 / 10 / 10

what the F did I just watch

If I could have given this movie negative stars, I would have. This was accidentally rented after my Mother tried to rent Horns, and mixed her words, and came out with Tusk. We did not catch this until about an hour into the movie, in which the man was mutilated and turned in to nothing but an innocent walrus. Then, the movie had the audacity to end as the man being left in a walrus cage, at a wildlife conservatory, being fed a raw fish, by his love. Not only do the sounds of the human thing still ring in my ears, but I am having a hard time looking at a picture of any walrus, and I fear that I will never be able to look at one again. I am truly mortified that I watched this film and I do not understand how it was made. On the same note, it's going to be fantastic recommending this total psychopathic movie to all of my friends, and waiting to see their reactions. Thank you Kevin Smith for ruining walruses. And any future zoo trips. I'm going to ask you kindly to never create another animal movie while on drugs, especially about giraffes.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10 / 10

Man you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long

Shock pod-caster Wallace (Justin Long) not to be confused with Walrus, has a bad day when he encounters Howard Howe (Michael Parks) who lives a life inspired by Hemingway, Coleridge, Kathy Bates, and Centipede. There are a number of humorous scenes that worked and some of the humor grew tiresome such as the poorly scripted Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp) character. The flashback scenes attempted to create a story that had meaning, but fell short. At times, the film's sole purpose appears to be to make fun of Canadians, picking up where "Canadian Bacon" left off. While I loved the smart "torn between Devils and Kings" line, the Lapointe character drove the satire into the ground. Cult Movie. Guide: F-bomb. Sex. No nudity. Male walrus bone. No Trojan marching band.

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