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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dougfm 5 / 10 / 10

I didn't get it

The actor playing the DJ did a great job. The tension builds up, well as much as it can in a 30 minute movie, and the scares weren't the cheap "jump" variety. Everything was good but that ending is where it falls apart. I didn't get it whatsoever. I was waiting for that "aha" moment when it would all come together but that moment never arrived.

Reviewed by durham100 6 / 10 / 10

A very good effort.

Plainly a demo movie, or a self financed project but I loved the premise, the acting was extremely good and the atmosphere well maintained and pulled it off despite the obvious limited resources. I enjoyed it, which after all, is the whole point isn't it? The writer/director knows how to build and hold suspense and intrigue and this could easily have been a twighlight zone episode. The ending depends on whether you get the clues i get, which aren't that hard to spot... its a revenge story and when you think about it, it's pretty clever. I liked it. It isn't perfect but if this a kind of show case production, it is a very good one. Well done.

Reviewed by jakeh 6 / 10 / 10

Texas Radio, the Big Beat

'..so a guy walks into a bar and...' no wait '..a guy works at a radio station.' There, much better (at least he brought his own bottle of whiskey). Not a bad half hour short about a DJ (Lance Allen Kramer, famous for 'The Great Food Truck Race' who appears to open the pit of hell and falls into it. Not too scary but I did like the actor who played the DJ who gave it some credibility. Throwing in an old bluegrass song by Earl Johnson, and you've got a wicked story about 'U2' no, wait, I mean a 'song' on a 'U14' cassette (remember those, still have a few, well, more than a few. A good way to waste 26+ minutes I guess. Ending implies...

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