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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joie_de_vivre 8 / 10 / 10

Totally watchable

One of the best French movies I watched this summer. Had to do it in chunks, though: the emotions were so overwhelming I had to stop my player every 15 minutes or so just to catch my breath. I dunno, probably it's because of my age (about 50, male) that I relate so closely to that story. Certain scenes and dialogs seem a bit exaggerated but that's French comedy for you. Snobish movie critics can boil their head but I don't regret for a minute that I spent well over two hours watching it; will recommend it to all my buddies. On a side note: After seeing the movie, it would be probably a good idea to read the interview with Vincent Cassel (Paris Match #3449, Jun 25 - Jul 01, 2015, pp.9-11) where he talks about his character in that film.

Reviewed by wolfhell88 7 / 10 / 10


A wonderful comedy and a typically french amour. Vincent Cassel and Francoise Cluzet as two fathers in their 40ies who spent their holidays with their teenage daughters in the sunny south of France. First the daughters don't like the idea of spending their summer holidays in a house in the Provence but things change. Lola Le Lann as Cluzets film daughter Louna is charming, beautiful, charismatic and a real wonderful actress with a great future in the business. Her character Louna fells in love with the best friend of her father (Cassel) after they spent a night on the beach together. While the elder man tries to forget what happened on the beach the girl is in love for the first time. She is wonderful when she tries to seduce Cassel and even her suffering after he rejects her in the next days is very much believable. The funniest moments in this film has Francois Cluzet when he goes hunting the wild boars who ruin his garden but never gets them. Alice Isaaz as Marie, Lounas best friend, gives also an impressive performance. If you love funny and emotional films this one is a must-see!

Reviewed by JohnRayPeterson 7 / 10 / 10

Didn't you see this before?

This 2015 French comedy is almost a copy of the 1984 'Blame It on Rio'. Buddies go on a vacation with their teenage daughters and one of the precocious girls gets a crush on her dad's friend and goes a bit too far. That's pretty much the storyline of both movies in a nutshell. Of course the settings are different, la 'Provence' vs 'Rio' and the original version of the more recent of the two movies is in French. Also, as one might expect from a French movie, there is more nudity because the French are not so hung up on censorship. The dads are younger and more fit as well, of course. Now I happen to like the actors Vincent Cassel and François Cluzet so I don't want to sound as critical as I may have sounded in this intro description of the film. Both Cassel and Cluzet deliver as good performances as their counter parts Michael Caine and Joseph Bologna; Cluzet perhaps somewhat better than Bologna, but that's just my opinion. The daughters are played by lesser known Lola Le Lann and Alice Isaaz, though Isaac has already some acting awards in her profile while Le Lann hasn't but makes up for that with her main character juicy role as Louna, the lusty teenie. There's no doubt she will get more parts just as Michelle Johnson did after 'Blame It on Rio' because both women are gorgeous. Cassel plays the dad who couldn't resist the charms of his friend's daughter and has to clumsily cover the affair, just as Caine had to. The antics of that role do not lend themselves to high drama but it is at least entertaining. A major difference between both flics is the participation of the two dad's wives, make that one ex and one not, and also that the older movie featured the likes of Demi Moore and Valerie Harper is those roles, practically non existent in the French remake. Neither versions went so far as to be melodramatic, thankfully, so I simply describe the genre as comedy, but sure there's a bit of drama and romance but nothing impressive. If you haven't seen the 1984 movie, then you can simply watch this more current production; I doubt you'll care to see the two. One is enough. I watched the second because I'm a movie buff, I like Cassel and I expected the French film (not dubbed because I dislike those ) to have a more liberal tone, which it did, of course.

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