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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaspersirgood 10 / 10 / 10

worth watching even for the hardcore skeptic

I never thought I would take this topic seriously but I have to say that there was some very compelling evidence presented in this film that warrants serious consideration. Growing up I was told that people who 'believe in UFOs' were crazy, I remember on more than one occasion making fun of people who said they saw a strange craft in the sky. I have to say that after what I saw at the Premier of this film I think I owe those people I ridiculed an apology. Later in my life while I was studying literature and going to seminars on astrophysics and exobiology I had that childhood attitude reinforced by what I was told by most prominent figures in the academic community. Most of my profs told me that it is not possible for them to get here (intelligent extraterrestrial beings) and the ones that admitted there is a chance they could get here said that if they were here we (everyone in the developed world) would know about it by now. After watching this film and checking into the validity/credibility of the historical events and individuals presented I have to say that I am going to have the completely re-evaluate my stance on the extraterrestrial hypothesis in regards to the so called "UFO phenomenon". It seems to me that there is too much evidence for any science minded person to deny at this point, and if one was to dismiss such a body of evidence out of hand, to do so would be, well, Denial. If this film is correct (and with all the available evidence I don't see how it can be wrong) I do think that the inevitable actualization of an open contact scenario will serve to force people to take an honest look inwards. This may be a scary moment for some as they will have (up until that moment) lived a very shallow existence with an awareness that only extends to the surface of them selves. It is my hope that films like this will help people psychologically prepare for that inevitable event, so that those who had not considered the ramifications of open amiable ET Contact up until now, would have the chance to approach that reality on their own terms, rather then be confronted by it the day the announcement is made.

Reviewed by justgem-08971 10 / 10 / 10

An excellent overview and exposé of the most important issue of our times.

This film did a great job in corroborating the statements made in it with hard evidence, and that is very important. What is most important about this film is how it exposes the "COINTELPRO", psychological warfare and disinformation operations which have dominated the subject for years. Speaking of COINTELPRO and disinformation, a word of warning to use discernment when reading the other reviews on this film, paid shills come in all forms. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions, the evidence is available for all to seek it. Dr. Steven Greer makes it clear how it is possible that we can live in a time where we simultaneously have an abundance of rock hard evidence available which indicates we are being visited by advanced interstellar cultures and at the same time still have a significant number of people who scoff at the idea of an ongoing ET presence. He shines light onto some rather unsettling but undeniable truths about the world we live in. The film explains in detail how for over a century important clean energy technology has been kept 'under wraps' in order to perpetuate the status quo for those in the echelons of material power on earth. As I watched this documentary and thought about how some people react to this topic (despite the abundance of evidence which demonstrates the phenomenon and related zero point energy tech is real) I was reminded of how there was a time when mainstream science professed that a heavier than air piece of machinery could never take flight. If it wasn't for the Wright brothers being open to all possibilities and then acting upon that innate facet of the true pursuit of science, it would be a whole lot harder today to visit relatives and see the world. I think it's an illuminating thing to consider, that those 747s we now take for granted as we 'hop across continents' are derived from a form of technology/science that was once considered to be "impossible" by the mainstream scientific establishment. This film shows how we are now living in a similar situation in regards to the our modern mainstream establishment's attitude towards zero point energy technology and technology which can produce/manipulate artificial gravity fields. Greer and his team drive home the inescapable fact that we carry around computers in our pockets, our scientists create nanotechnology and are close to creating artificial intelligence. Yet when it comes to the propulsion systems that power our transportation infrastructure, we are using essentially the same technology (jet engines and internal combustion engines) that our grandparents used to get around. It made me consider the fact that when we get in an airplane now, and travel across the country, we are getting to our destination in roughly the same amount of time (and in essence using the same basic technology) as someone who was flying in the late 50s. It's clear to me that the particular stagnation of technology in the areas of energy generation and propulsion, which is apparent throughout the past few decade, breaks from the established pattern of innovation humanity has been on since the dawn of the industrial revolution. "Unacknowledged" clearly demonstrates how we live in a time on earth where the use of gasoline to power vehicles has been obsolete for over 6 decades. The clean and cheap technology that could have been used to replace internal combustion engines has been suppressed and horded by a few greedy power hungry humans and the institutions they run. It shows how the energy technology related to the ET presence is the main reason for the active suppression of the truth (which is so prevalent in the mainstream media on this issue). The film shows how our planet is being polluted and poisoned unnecessarily and all so a few humans can hold onto the illusion of power and accumulate obscene material wealth through the petroleum industry. After all scientists and engineers mastered gravity control and zero point energy modules decades ago. Indeed, the documentary shows how this silent, clean, efficient technology has the potential to transform our world into a paradise where there are no "haves or have-nots". However, the fearful people behind USAPs prefer to keep humanity from blossoming into this potential simply to continue feeding their own greed and lust for power. "Unacknowledged" shows how we must strive to speak openly, concisely and with confidence when we deal with this issue as to dissipate the foggy derisive and dissuasive atmosphere that has engulfed this most important issue of our times and bring clarity to a reality that when fully understood will bring about a new paradigm for humanity on planet earth. In closing, I leave you with this thought that arose in me when I contemplated the inevitability of the doorway opening for humanity to engage in amiable interactions with our cosmic neighbors. Never before will humanity have come across a mirror of such crystal clarity as the one which will be shown to us the day we make open contact with an interstellar civilization. In the face of such a reflection of what we could be, it will shine light onto what we have chosen to become. We will no longer have a way to hide things under the rug, nor to justify the ugliness and depravity we inflict upon each other. This mirror will be reflecting the full extent of our dormant virtuous human potential and give us an opportunity to choose again.

Reviewed by jen-07362 10 / 10 / 10

amazing film, I would show it to my students if I could

I watched this movie the other night at a friend's suggestion expecting to laugh it off and ended up being impressed. I teach middle school and have heard the kids talking about "aliens and ufos" but never paid it much attention. After watching this and seeing the lengths our own government has gone to in order to cover up the truth I find myself wishing I could show this film to the kids so they could really begin to educate themselves on this topic. The evidence is right there, in our faces, and so many just ignore it. Well not me, not anymore. I think this is world-changing information and it should be studied and discussed openly, not ridiculed and giggled about. Thank you to Dr.Greer and his team for having the courage to make this,it changed my life forever.

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