Uncle Peckerhead

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Angry_Santa 2 / 10 / 10

To call it "mediocre" would be far too kind.

About the only success this troupe of wannabe-movie-making stoners have managed is to hire a professional shill in the guise of @victoriapilotyyc - and a pretty bad one at that. You'd normally expect a trailer to tease you into wanting to watch a movie, showing you just enough to intrigue you but not enough to give the plot away. In this movie's case, though the trailer was appropriately short, it contained the ENTIRETY of worthwhile scenes - you will NOT get any additional entertainment from actually watching the movie in its entirety. The only reason I'm giving it two stars rather than one is the camerawork - for a change (among these lame attempts at moviemaking), it wasn't using the trademark "wobblecam" to make viewers nauseous. Best viewed at 4x fast-forward, but even then you might need to take breaks to recover.

Reviewed by victoriapilotyyc / 10

Brilliant Quirky Horror Film

This movie is fantastic!! Highly suggest watching it!! It's a unique take on horror, with humour, and touching relationship building, but then with a good dose of gore!!

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