Uncommon Valor


Action / Drama / Thriller / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SquirePM 9 / 10 / 10

A Winner...It Caught Me By Surprise

This movie is not the "true Vietnam" experience. For that, see only 2 films: Apocalypse Now and Hamburger Hill. All the rest are baloney, or worse. (OK, it's now 2008 and I'm editing this to include We Were Soldiers as another great Vietnam movie. It captivated me utterly and took me back, as did Apocalypse Now. When it was over I was unable to move from my seat until after the cleaning crew had finished.) Uncommon Valor, however, is still a great Vietnam movie for all to see. It's uneven as hell, so you have to be flexible. I suggest you have fun with the goofball stuff, appreciate the combat bonding stuff, gloss over the obligatory linkage stuff. Watch closely as each Vietnam veteran is recruited and introduced, and learn. Then enjoy what you will of the characters and the actors who bring them to life. (I mostly loved them.) I was an Infantryman in Vietnam. This movie is the only Vietnam movie, the only one, that ever brought tears to my eyes. I was amazed at the power of its ending. It was overwhelming to me. When it comes right down to it, take this movie seriously.

Reviewed by dgl1199 7 / 10 / 10

One of the best Vietnam flicks

Nothing sticks out more than the opening sequence: The chopper extraction, all those men left behind. The view from the chopper as the handful left behind are captured. That has to be one of the most memorable scenes of any film I've seen. I think this movie is terrific. A band of Vietnam vets organized and trained to rescue the POW's our government left behind. It's not a perfect film, in places it's just horribly directed. But the chemistry of these brothers in arms works well. The film is as humanistic as much as it is an action flick. The topicality is rooted in an emotionally charged, contemporary issue which still resonates to this day. What happened to all those MIAs? Why has the US government refused to find them? Well, the film isn't really about answering those difficult questions. But it also doesn't let you forget them, either. There is nothing revolutionary here. This topic has been handled before by less than memorable flicks like Rambo, and Missing in Action. This is much better written and acted. Gene Hackman makes the film what it is; human. You can imagine this rescue mission as a dream come true for every father who received that MIA telegram from that military. But, for me, there are some very moving moments that just stick with you. "it's really good to see you." stutters one of the POWs on the chopper. You know, every time I see that shot, I get a little misty. Because I think he speaks for every man who finally made it back from that hell on earth we call the Vietnam War.

Reviewed by AaronCapenBanner 7 / 10 / 10

A Personal Mission

Ted Kotcheff directed this exciting adventure film that stars Gene Hackman as Marine Col. Jason Rhodes, who has become frustrated with his own(U.S.) governments refusal to launch a rescue mission into Vietnam to rescue P.O.W.s he believes are still there, including his own son. He is approached by a rich businessman named McGregor(played by Robert Stack) who agrees to finance his own rescue mission which he wants Rhodes to command, since he too has a son who is a P.O.W. Rhodes then recruits some marines(now civilians) to help him on the mission(played by Patrick Swayze, Tim Thomerson, Randal 'Tex' Cobb, Fred Ward, & Reb Brown) First they must train and prepare, then launch the rescue mission, which is quite dangerous for many reasons... Rousing film with a good cast and interesting premise(which would be re-used many times later!) A bit far-fetched perhaps, but good fun.

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