Uncut Gems


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 118,914


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March 25, 2020



Adam Sandler as Hubie Dubois
Idina Menzel as Vera Rivkin
Natasha Lyonne as Jenna the Working Girl
Tilda Swinton as Maloin felesége
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marcus-191-212062 8 / 10 / 10

Spot on reviews here lol

All reviews here are correct. The good ones and the bad ones. This movie is a mess and you can like it or hate. My wife hated it, I liked it very much.

Reviewed by prob-91640 9 / 10 / 10

Thrilling Ride

Uncut Gems was a thrilling movie that kept me on my toes for near the entire film. Adam Sandler was very good in this movie; I have never seen him perform better than he did in this movie. The plot was very intriguing. Howard had no clear objective (There was a broad goal for Howard which was to get money, but no specific conflict) until around halfway through the movie it seemed like but I did not feel like that was a problem. It allowed me to take in everything that was happening in the movie and not focus on how Howard would achieve his goal. I became very invested in Howard's success and character early in the movie. I really wanted him to succeed, so when we found out that Otto cancelled the bet at the beginning of the movie, I felt bad for Howard. I was anxious throughout a good portion of the movie. The chaotic nature of the movie and the unsettlingly loud voices of the characters immersed me in the movie. It made parts of the movie great but I thought it was too much at times. There was a segment in the middle of the film where I lost a little bit of interest because of this. I felt like it was obnoxious at points. The score for the movie was amazing. The music did a wonderful job of setting the tone for each scene and creating a very engaging movie. The cinematography was also really good. The close ups of characters guided the audience to imagine what each character was thinking at the time. The best scene of the movie was also the most shocking and disturbing. The very last scene of the movie was an incredibly bold choice by the Safdie brothers. Howard's death was so unexpected and brutal. My jaw dropped when Otto's heavy man shot Howard in the face with absolutely no hesitation. I was in shock for a good while after the movie ended. The directors did not hold back when creating this scene. The scene was not especially gory but it was merciless and so realistic that it made the audience react with awe. Lastly, Sandlers character was extremely well created. He was in constant need of being in control and proving other people right. He did not seem to evolve throughout the film but got what was coming to him in the end. His character was especially shown when he stopped at his apartment where he had kicked out the woman he was having an affair with. Howard told his wife that he was going to grab something, which he did not do; he merely walked in and made sure she wasn't there. Howard cared so much about being in control that he exposed his son to the truth of his relationship with his son's Mom.

Reviewed by davidgiorgione 9 / 10 / 10

Pleasant surprise... wow...

That was INTENSE. Decided to watch this after seeing this film pop up on so many "2019 Top 10 movies" lists and I couldn't be happier that I did. Adam Sandler absolutely killed it in this, I kept feeling confused at the choices he made but at the same time felt sorry for him. That ending game though... my palms were sweaty and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if it was going to end badly like most gambling movies do. I was extremely surprised to see him win his bet thinking "wow this movie actually is going to have a happy ending" but oh boy was I SHOCKED when Sandler unlocked that door... my jaw was on the ground. Only thing keeping it from a 10 is the ending felt incomplete. What's his family going to think and what's his side piece gonna do once she came back to his dead corpse. Either way this movie was amazing. Edit: wow did not expect so much hate on this film after reading other reviews... not to mention it looks like users here are fishing out positive reviews and marking them all as "non helpful". I don't know about those bad reviewers but any movie that has me at a lost for words and a pounding heart rate for that long deserves a spot high up on my list...

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