Under the Skin


Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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April 10, 2019


Antonia Campbell-Hughes as Natascha Kampusch
Scarlett Johansson as Laura Nelson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flashanzan 9 / 10 / 10


I don't usually write reviews, this is more a reply to the negative comments - because I'm a contentious little man. The plot has been criticised as non-existent and this simply isn't the case...All you need to know is there's some kind of experiment going on, could be a prelude to an invasion, but it doesn't matter - there's plenty of research that has been done that isn't condoned (or known) by the whole of society and well is the Alien society homogeneous and united in cause? Hmmmm..see it would take an eon to get into all this detail about the organising principles of another world and the plot simply doesn't need it, neither do you: she's doing a job and leading a life that she becomes deeply conflicted about and her desire for change drives the plot within the crucible the poor Alien finds itself. Enjoy the wonderful soundtrack, sublime camera work, the eeriness and Scarlet's stunning performance (all actors were great) and all the nuances and themes. A film is the sum of its scenes and this one has some excellent, excellent scenes. The visuals alone are to die for. The pace? The film I felt was excellently paced, with one small judder at the cake part, but that's entirely minimal and I probably imagined it. Scots have criticised the portrayal of Scots - it's not a tourist commercial though is it... and isolation (on which she preys) is an easy bed fellow of poverty and other difficulties. It just works. Please see this excellent film, there is so much going on and it is wonderfully dark and desolate.

Reviewed by hunter-friesen 6 / 10 / 10

A dark and challenging film where the reward is worth every minute you put in

Under the Skin is both sensual and predatory in its use of the human body to tell its story. It delves deep into the question we always try to find an answer to, "what makes us human?" A definitive answer is never given, mostly because there isn't one, but what you do get out of this film is a riveting performance by Scarlett Johansson and a bizarre story that is a maze to comprehend, but mesmerizing to watch. The film definitely does not have a straightforward containing the usual characters we're used to. Dialogue is minimalistic and does little to the overall story. Describing the plot would be a waste of people's time, mostly because going into the film cold aids the ultimate experience. A tip would be to pay special attention to the imagery and movement as they are key to the story. Thinking about this film is probably the most joy you can get out of watching it. It doesn't give you a lot to work with in terms of deciphering the plot. It makes you ask many questions that have no clear answer. This is the type of film where the phrase "It's up to your interpretation" is a correct way to explain things. This is not a perfect film though. It drags in the beginning third as we repeatedly watch Johansson's character interact with other humans. It's an interesting character study, but one that goes on for far too long. There is also the use of documentary style filming in some scenes. This works well in making the film authentic, but it contrasts too much from the cinematic feel the rest of the film has. One thing that surprised me after watching it was the number of times I genuinely felt fear. This is one of the scariest non-horror films as it incites a sense of dread and uneasiness the whole way through. The scene in total darkness, in particular, shook my bones and will remain with me forever. If I had to choose two words to describe this film it would be "surreal arthouse." This film is very artistic and mysterious that speaks predominantly in metaphors. Director Jonathan Glazer does a great job at making the film both frustrating and engrossing. I felt slightly unsatisfied that I couldn't figure out the plot while first watching, but it didn't matter as I was too interested in what would happen next. The film will definitely grow on you the longer you sit on it and slowly process everything that went down. The camera is treated more like a character than a tool. It dictates what we know and how we receive information. Most of the time we are following Scarlett's character close up as she reacts to human connection. Her face is blank most of the time as if she is intrigued by the things we do as humans. The cast, just like the dialogue, is minimalistic as there are really only two main actors. Scarlett Johansson is breathtaking as our unknown protagonist, who is officially called "The Female." She gives a creepy, yet human performance this is well balanced. She adds so much depth to her character by saying probably less than one hundred words. I have so many questions about her character that I wish would be explored more, which is a testament to what she delivers to the narrative. Jeremy McWilliams also does a fine job as "The Bad Man", Scarlett's evasive partner that oversees her journey. He also gives a chilling performance and literally has no dialogue throughout the film. He uses a menacing stare and a strict body style to give us the impression that we don't ever want to meet him in real life. Glazer has once been called "the heir to Kubrick," so that should give you some indication if you would have interest in this film. This is a dark and often challenging film to watch, but the reward you get out of it is worth every minute you put in. Glazer has once been called "the heir to Kubrick," so that should give you some indication if you would have interest in this film. This is a dark and often challenging film to watch, but the reward you get out of it is worth every minute you put in.

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 6 / 10 / 10

Visually arresting, strangely haunting, and terribly flawed.

Well. That was odd. I guess visually arresting, strangely haunting and terribly flawed would all describe it. Also, it was an art house alien horror film with a naked Scar Jo and minimal dialogue. Yeah...odd. But worth seeing. Maybe?

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