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Amy Hargreaves as Amy Halbard
Greg Cipes as Drunk Driver
Marsha Dietlein as Patricia
Rob Paulsen as Gas Station Attendant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foutainoflife 6 / 10 / 10

Super Slow

This is a really slow paced film. The story is a bit predictable but I felt the actors did a great job and the nature settings were really appealing. Had the pace been a bit quicker I might have given it a higher score. If you are planning to watch it just be prepared for a slow film.

Reviewed by biljao258 9 / 10 / 10

A search for resolution

This low-key drama involves elements of mystery as a young woman struggles with years of devastation and despair from a childhood incident. She is now in a seriously disturbed state and seems to be facing incipient mental breakdown. The story traces her ordeal with fears, disbelief from others and thwarted memories. Technically the film is very well made and shot (with the DP making the most of the beautiful Hudson Valley scenery). There are excellent performances from the lead players and cast. Elizabeth Lail and Hannah Westerfield are remarkably convincing as the 'older' and 'younger' versions of the main character. The movie is not a thriller or action drama and there are a few stretched coincidences in the plot but overall it holds together as a credible and satisfying story.

Reviewed by ops-52535 9 / 10 / 10

this is a soothing marvel

Of a film, not very sensational, but an unimagineable rewarding one and a half hour of auditorial and emotional featherlike sweeps on your senses. most of all i will praise the score, it is now shuffeled into my top 10 list of filmscores, its a relaxing floating hum in the background that gives the film the bouyancy to float all the way to the end. the story is a kind of flashback told story, about a happy childhood that abruptly changes into something bad and unended. this creates a nightmarish life to the main caracter, who seeks back to her roots to make an end to her traits of life. i will not tell how its going, but just say that its interesting . the story is a fine one, but the plot couldve been better sewn together, especially on the major transitions of the film.i think the director and editor mustve had a rush on their shoulders to finish this product, but that is the only flaw i can come up with. for the dramaqueens and scoreseekers this is a hit in the bullseye, the grumpy old man were totally lost , and what remains is just a higly recommend.

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