Unraveling Athena: The Champions of Women's Tennis


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kfckidkfckid 3 / 10 / 10

Some producers....

When the EP reviews his own film , calling it 'brilliant', 10/10, you know we are in strange, and very sad,times. Not impressive, and quite dishonest. A likely clue to the veracity of the film's content. Unless you're directly involved in this 'film' , you'd be better entertained watching cat videos on youtube.

Reviewed by flopezdelorenzo / 10


Multiple award-winning Unraveling Athena was probably born in the best possible context to highlight each of the messages it deals with from the female point of view, even though they are all developed in an independent, very interesting, deep and detailed framework about the demands (even cruelty, in many cases) that top-level sport makes on those who seek to build a professional career. A brilliant and very respectful perspective on how champions are forged. The film reviews, with that innovative approach, the different life cycles faced by almost all the number 1 in the history of tennis in the WTA era, with some additions of great value, coming from the particular context given by the doubles competition format. From the moment they pick up a racket for the first time until they face the decline of their bodies and careers, Unraveling Athena accurately records every detail of these athletes' careers, much more focused on the realm of feelings than on the technical and workload, although these are obviously and necessarily present. My most sincere congratulations to Francis Amat and his team. Definitely, a great start to a very interesting career to follow. Thank you.

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