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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quieroalquilarunpiso 1 / 10 / 10

Boring and NOT a real documentary

I read somewhere this is a documentary but it isn't. This is basically trying to promote a nobody to mainstream. She's not interesting and rather boring. Zero charisma. Just another young body with a face that looks pretty with makeup. They take "real" bits about some cam girl and add fiction to make it seem legit. Kind of like how "reality" tv is made. And if you're hoping to see this cam girl fully naked then don't waste your time with this. You'll see some footage of her cam sessions where she's wearing lingerie whilst posing in a sexually suggestive manner and that's about it.

Reviewed by acsscroggin 1 / 10 / 10

Almost as bad as it gets but not quite

2 stars because it does show a little (very little) into this fetish. Horrible plot that took about 15 minutes into the film to see where it was going. Ms. Lynch should stick to cam shows and phone sex role plays, because this is played out horribly via a movie/documentary or whatever you want to call it. While everybody has different tastes in movies, it's easy to see 10 star reviews for a movie I find borderline unwatchable. However, there simply is no way in this world that all of the 5 star reviews are legitimate. Only part that made you think is when Ceara was talking about using men/financial domination and she even makes the point that she is not sure she is really using the men since they are getting what they want and basically telling her what to do and then paying her for that service, so maybe she is the one getting used. Of course that is pretty much how everything sexual works when two (or more) consenting adults are involved, so nothing mind blowing. And there is nothing riveting where the lines are blurred between reality and fiction. It's painfully obvious.

Reviewed by wiseguy233 1 / 10 / 10

A mess

It's the worst type of film.It is somehow elitist while being gaudy and cheap. It is pretentious but the confidence emanates from entitlement. Talent is assumed not earned or revealed. The plot is chaos without point, cohesion or a flicker of creativity. Watching this is like being around a gaggle of teenagers, giggling and shrieking while telling a story that they assume to be a riot but is just noise that goes on endlessly, way past the time you can maintain your polite smile.

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