Utomlennye solntsem 2


Drama / History / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by the_wolf_imdb 2 / 10 / 10

Russians are very strange people

What to say... this is not an ordinary war movie, nor generic Russian war movie (loads of nonsense plus even more loads of nonsense patriotism). This is rather "experience" movie, more or less a clutter of incomprehensible scenes that do not have much of a sense. It does not have any sense at all if you have not watched the "first part" directly before this movie. Even if you watched it, it is still very incomplete story that does not even have proper ending (fate of all the characters are somehow open, potentially allowing the next movie). Incoherent story really makes this movie a mess. The CGI effects are totally out of place - the scene where "the Stukas" do attack the cars are so completely wrong in so many ways - the planes fly way too low, they are observably smaller than they should be and the effects of bombs are nonexistent. The scene with the "attack of the citadel" belongs to the horror comedy - seriously it looks like some scene of the "Final Destination". It might be somewhat fun as a parody but it simply does not belong to the more serious movie. Combat scenes are generally very poor. This movie is basically incomprehensible for anyone who is not Russian. It is a pile of Russian emotions that somewhat prevents the heroes from behaving in any logical manner. If you are interested in Russian mentality and its unique mix of sentiment, brutality, warmth and ruthlessness it might be interesting to you. It might be of value for some Russian TV channel but as a general movie in the world context it sucks horribly. I'm really really really disappointed by it.

Reviewed by costin-stucan 4 / 10 / 10

This isn't a sequel...this is a great movie

I don't understand why Mikhalkov's own people are being so unfair with this "celovekh". They want to smash not only his fingers but also his lifetime work which is impossible. This final chapter is brilliant. All the pieces are put together by a master painter. The light in the dacha contrasting with the light in the same "dacha" from the first movie, the torment suffered by the characters, the joy and the sadness of the people touched or mutilated by the war and finally the immense Russian light blue sky...all contribute to an amazing picture. I don't judge this movie historically even if I have read over a hundred books about the terrible war on the Eastern Front. I love the very soul of this movie. Mikhalkov does not created another sequel, he managed to create another movie which cannot be measured in IMDb stars... So ignore the rating and enjoy the ride...on the back of Kotov's horse.

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-1 4 / 10 / 10

A deception

I loved the previous film of the trilogy, but not this one. Not film making speaking, butthe story itself. The fortress attack is laughable in the negative way. And this mine filed, where mines are not even undergroud but put down on the grass....Once more, as in so many Russian war movies, german soldiers are shown as idiots. Oh my God,keep away fromit.

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