Vampire Academy


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Sarah Hyland as Tracey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by inasinsikter 4 / 10 / 10

I really wish I could love this movie… but I don't

I have read all the books. Entertaining young adult novels, easy to read and difficult to put down. Loved them even though I don't really fit the age category being over 30 and a mother of teenagers. However, I was looking forward to seeing the books come to life. I kept my expectations down, but still, I'm sad to say I was so disappointed. I really, really wanted to like the movie but it fell flat. I think it would have worked so much better as a TV-show, since the books are really about characters, and in the limited time that a movie has, there is simply no time to develop characters in the way the books do. A whole lot of time goes in to explaining who is who and what and why, and the story's twists and turns come too fast and doesn't have any time to build up any suspension at all. I found myself getting bored and wishing for the movie to end sooner than it did. It is such a pity that it was not developed for TV instead.

Reviewed by mrsmng 4 / 10 / 10

The promise to be amazing but they failed it

I really wanted to like this. I am an avid fan of the books but unlike a lot of avid fans, I am realistic. I don't diss movies because they don't follow the books. I am realistic enough to know that an imagination is going to trump budget, location and time constraints every single time. And as much as I really wanted to have the entire series made into movies, if they think about follow on's they need to have a good hard think. The movie itself had two trailers. One was a mean girls, laugh a minute, spoof which looked dreadful and the second was darker. So it was my hope that OK, directors of the mean girls wasn't going to be a good advertisement but maybe the found a way to combine all the elements. It didn't. The book series is excellent. Its not sparkly vampires, think more The originals than Twilight. Its dark, its serious, but there are some excellently written light hearted Rose Hathaway moments. The dhampir who conforms to nobody and isn't afraid to rebel. What did we get? Canned laughter type moments, moments that should have been funny but weren't. More a Disney type channel comedy aimed at children. I get it should appeal to non book readers, to people who have never ever heard of Richelle Mead, but that went so far the other way there is no surprise it bombed. Such a shame, such a let down for something that could have been better than all the movies that came before.

Reviewed by ellajxu 4 / 10 / 10

Overall, an OK movie

I feel like they had many really attractive people in this movie to make up for the bad acting skills. But some scenes were not too bad. I think the actors were not good at expressing sadness, shock, or anger. There were also quite a lot of actors that I have seen before in this movie. It is not terrible, but not the best movie I have ever seen (actually not even close). It is funny, because the first time I saw this movie, I thought it was such a good movie, but the second time I watched it, i really had a lot of criticize about it.

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