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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pidstr 3 / 10 / 10


From the moment you spot the continuity error in the opening scene (hey, how'd that shoe stand up by itself, and wasn't she still wearing the other one in the previous shot?), the tone is set for a by-the-numbers-coloured-within-the-lines vampire flick that wouldn't even make it on to the SciFi channel. The pacing's too slow, there are scenes that don't move the story forward, and a sad attempt at "gay's good, bigots bad" morality with a pointless bashing and a sexual awakening that seems to be there for no reason then someone wanted to film some girl on girl action. Even if this film had more nudity then one costume nip slip, that wouldn't create any real interest. This isn't a film to watch with your love interest, it's the film you put on when you really don't care what's on the screen while you make out with the sound just loud enough that the rest of the house can't hear what your really doing. It looks like one of those "Shot On Red, Same As Everyone Else Does" films, with no imagination or daring in the camera angles and make up, and a sound track that sounds like they wanted to try and make and '80's Vampire film. Go watch Lost Boys or Buffy instead. The only imaginative thing about it, is the fake 10 point reviews from the film makers freinds.

Reviewed by staunton-gary 1 / 10 / 10

A massive 4

That's all I can give this forgettable movie. If you find yourself at a loss and sod all else to do, or you need something on the TV while clipping your toenails, then this is the movie for you. Some acting was just ok, the rest took me back to the 70's. If there's any nudity in this thing, I missed it. Watchable, just.

Reviewed by OzMovieWatcher 1 / 10 / 10

Just like a 70's porn movie without the porn

Terrible movie.... just a mild step above a high school movie project. Very bad acting, poor script, no real story-line. Seriously, using strawberry desert sauce for blood just does not work. The way this movies is described and they way it was panning out, I was waiting for the sex scene..... but it never happened. This is a terrible movie.... why bother making it?

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