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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kristine 8 / 10 / 10

If John Carpenter retired with Vampires, it'd be enough to call him one of the great masters of horror

Why is this movie so appealing? I don't know how to answer this other than what I love about it: James Woods! Vampires is a movie brought to us by horror mastermind John Carpenter who almost gave up film making because he became disgusted by how Hollywood got so greedy. I'm so glad he decided to make Vampires because if not for his touch, I think this movie could have been really bad or bland. I'm very sad to say that Vampires seems to get overlooked or shadowed when people bring up great vampire movies a lot. I think because Blade was also released the same year, so it just got lost in 1998. However, I still love this movie, it's a western horror fright film that I'm sure will have you on the edge of your seat. A lot of people complain about James Woods being too camp in his role…since when did that become such a bad thing? He's so awesome in this movie and really makes it exciting. Mercenaries led by Jack Crow rids an abandoned house of vampires in the middle of New Mexico. The sun sets and, as the Slayers leave, the Master bursts out of the ground outside the house. The slayers stay at a motel in the middle of a desert, getting drunk, smoking and partying with women as they celebrate their victory. One of the prostitutes is a young woman named Katrina. When the master vampire, Valek, turns up at the motel, he bites Katrina and massacres the slayers and prostitutes. During this attack Valek sees Jack and calls him by name which astonishes Crow. Crow and his partner, Montoya, run outside and grab Katrina, take a pickup truck and drive off. Narrowly escaping from Valek, they keep on driving for a few more hours until dawn. While Crow goes back to the motel to deal with the remains of the team and prostitutes, Montoya takes Katrina to the nearest hotel. Meanwhile, Montoya has gotten another hotel room and he tells Katrina that she has been bitten by Valek and that she too will be one soon if they cannot find and destroy him. She now has a telepathic link to the Master. They are using her to find out his real plans and why and who set them up. I think between John's touch to the film it was the cast who really made this something special. James Woods brings a lot of fun to the film, being almost an extreme Rambo. Not since the Frog brothers in Rambo have I seen such passion to kill vampires. I love when he walks away from the explosion at the hotel that's a few feet behind him, I always have to say "Yeah, I know there's an explosion behind me. What; you think I don't see explosions? I do; every day! They bore me now!". Daniel Baldwin plays off James very well and did great being the sidekick who does stand his ground when pushed too hard. Sheryl Lee, very chilling performance at times, she doesn't do much in the film but when she does have powerful scenes, she pulls in very well with great screams. Tim Guinee, the replacement priest with no experience whatsoever, I adore him playing off James Wood's tough exterior. Him trying to stand up to James but he knows he can't win with him, however when put to the test, he really comes through for the guys and turns into Arnold Schwarzenslayer. And the final star of the film and a very haunting performance with Thomas Ian Griffith as the vampire Vallek. Great performance by him and he is a very savage vampire who reminds you that not all vampires are romantic with cheesy accents. I love the whole style of the film, it feels raw and like you're riding with the cowboys. A lot of beautiful colors of the sunset and the shadows to give you a chilling feel. This film may just require a certain taste, but I think most people do enjoy this film and I'm sure somewhere down the line, it will get the appreciation it deserves. Much thanks to John Carpenter giving the film industry one more try and bringing us a great vampire movie. 8/10

Reviewed by Sérgio Delgado 6 / 10 / 10

A John Carpenter classic but of course

The master of horror brought to us a vampiric masterclass of a movie. A really astonishing vampire movie, not the glowly sensitive "sexy" twight vampire, but true vampires that just wants to suck every single drop of human blood they can get their teeth on. Losely based on a book of the same name "Vampires" follows the story of Jack Crow and Tony Montoya, two slayers working under the catholic church, even if they work for priests there's nothing holy about Crow , a man thet will literally kick a padre's ass if he needs to. Obviously there's a nemesis for our protagonists, in this case Valek it's his name and this 600 year old bloodsucker is scary, i will give him that much. As allways in John Carpenter film there's a kick ass soudtrack (which i listen to this day) that gives the movie a western, action and horror vibe to the viewer. And the perfomances... James Woods carrys the movie on his own, Baldwin does an ok job i guess, Tim Guinne probably had his best on screen appereance perfomance of his career as a young priest and he nails it, and we even have the great Maximilian Schell wich is reason alone to adore the film. Small part but every single sentence spoken by him is acting gold. And for the Twin Peaks fans we have "Laura Palmer" herself. I'm a gigantic Carpenter fan so don't take it from me see it for yourself but i dont' care i'm giving it 10/10 stars. Yes it's that good!

Reviewed by skybrick736 6 / 10 / 10

Vampires 6/10

John Carpenter always had a way of cashing in with the most simplistic of horror movie title, for example Halloween, The Fog, The Thing. The fall off in his directing career maybe could be pointed to his first film about vampires, notably called Vampires. The bloodsucking creatures in the southwest desert scenery really made the film seem like it derived from the film "From Dusk Til Dawn", which came out a couple years prior. With a lack of originality in the story, there was also a problem of having a dull supporting cast around James Woods. Needless to say the film was able to hold my interest throughout the film and James Woods did pull off his dialogue really well but it is a disappointing film considering pass successes.

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