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Jackie Chan as Sergeant Dragon Ma Yue Lung
Sayed Badreya as Abati
Zhenwei Wang as Vanguard Bodyguard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daisukereds 2 / 10 / 10

Plain and bland action movie

This is what I call a "globetrotter". It's your generic action team going all around the world on a mission. And even if the stunts are good and the look of the movie is fine, there is simply nothing to it. Nothing stands out or is memorable, or would prompt a second watching. You can't even make fun of it (like the newest Charlie's Angels). At times, there's too many people shooting and you don't know who is who.. And for such a serious movie, Jackie stands out like a sore thumb... and not in a good way. Don't recommend it, it's too boring and simplistic.

Reviewed by TimeSkipLuffy 10 / 10 / 10

Simply bad.

Bad acting, bad action scenes, bad CGI, bad story... I could keep going on. There is so much wrong in this movie that I wish I haven't seen this. What's worse is that Jackie Chan is selling his soul to the China movie factory. It really hurts his amazing legacy. So many awesome HK movies and even some decent Hollywood movies. When judging a movie I rather want to keep politics aside but its very hilarious when all those new China movies try to sell how great China is. Like when they tell a story about an activist and portrait western people as wildlife hunters but don't say anything about a lot of Chinese people buying that stuff for "health" issues. 3 stars only because there is worse. China is so desperate to show the "pretty" Chinese people in their movies that acting becomes 2nd importance.

Reviewed by forrealgames145 10 / 10 / 10

Not Jackie's best, but given his age, we can't expect classic Jackie!

This movie, in my opinion, was a lot better than his previous collaboration with Stanley. Kung Fu Yoga was okay. If you enjoyed that, you'll definitely have a romp with this film. It's the same kind of action heavy but also goofy comedy that you can expect from some of Jackie's movies. His role here is a little more subdued, however, as he lets the other actors take bigger roles. Although he's the highest billed actor here, he plays more of a secondary role as the leader of this agency. That being said, there's enough Jackie in this movie where I don't feel misled. He definitely has more screen time than The Foreigner, another movie where he received top billing but, imo didnt appear enough in the film. The action is great and it's definitely a good popcorn flick that'll distract you from the ongoing pandemic. It's what the world needs, really!

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