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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prabhat_KS 3 / 10 / 10

Very poor. Verappan deserved much better. He would certainly be turning in his grave!

By filmmakers' own admission Veerappan was 'the' biggest villain ever - in India or world, well, they leave it open ended. Film's poster flaunts a tagline "No Villain Like Him Ever Existed". Now, if that is so, this is certainly not the way you treat the reel life of a real life giant. I was truly curious to watch this film. Memories of crime-thrillers 'Black Mass' and 'Legend' were fresh from this year's (2016) winter and I was expecting to see at least a level of decent treatment for 'Veerappan' from Ram Gopal Verma. I made an exception to my 'no overpriced theaters' rule and watched it in a multiplex. But I was thoroughly disappointed and worse, frustrated with the final product. To be honest, the film delivers more on comical front than as a crime-thriller-biopic. The story is poorly researched and script writing is completely botched up. Poor, wretched, appalling, F-grade script writing. The famed brigand had a dacoity career spanning more than two decades. I remember hearing several mythical anecdotes about him in my childhood. I remember a myth doing rounds in my school in 1999 that Veerappan copulates with a tigress! And I was a kid situated on the other end of country- in north India! That was Veerappan's stature as a villain. But this film concentrates only on last 6 months of his life - the part which is well documented in digital and print-media- and then too bungles it up. And then they market the film as a 'biopic'. Not too bright folks, not too bright. Indolence of worst kind. This film is ambiguous whether it is a biopic on Veerappan or an action-thriller portraying police action that killed him. Because, there was another docu-drama "Killing Veerappan" made by the same director which preceded the release of this film. 'Veerappan' itself fails on both fronts, anyway. In the film, Veerappan is shown killing people for no particular reason, that too high-ups. Guys, at least build up a prelude to the gore. That's script-writing 101. Random killings and disjointed action scenes are superimposed by a background score which eulogizes Veerappan's villainy in chaste Hindi (Veer, Veer, Veerappan; Maut Ka Aalingan!). From this movie, an unaware (say foreign) viewer can't decipher whether Veerappan was a Robin Hood or a cold-blooded criminal. In many scenes, Veerappan is shown randomly shooting elephants. Was that some kind of a filler scene to keep audience aware that they are watching a famed villain? It comes off as comical anyway. Looks like the poor guy was a big believer in DIY. There is an on-foot chase scene where the policemen chase a Veerappan aide. The whole sequence is thoroughly comical. The aide shoots random people in his wake to escape the police. It brought memories of villains in Hindi comics! There is another scene where Veerappan's wife is introduced and is shown cooking a meal. She sumptuously throws chillies in her stew and the whole sequence desperately tries to be humorous. Then, within a split second, police arrives out of nowhere and chaos ensues. Lo and behold, police got Veeraapan's wife as soon as she came into picture - cooking a spicy stew full of water. You can even hear the splashing sounds chillies made after they enter the pot! Veerappan certainly had poor culinary tastes as per the movie! The movie has certain scattered bright spots nonetheless. Sandeep Bharadwaj truly tried to enact the legend and was successful most of the time. He can't help if the script and dialogue writing was third-rate. He, himself, was spot on. Acting by some of the supporting cast was superlative. Krishna Srikanth Iyengar superbly enacts a disgruntled former policeman (Kumar). He brought out a sparkle whenever he entered the frame. I really wished he had more screen time. Usha Jadhav did a remarkable job in enacting a south-Indian woman. Locations for certain scenes were carefully chosen and camera work was ,well, OK. 'The biggest villain ever' deserved a biopic much-much better than this poorly researched, goofy charade of disjointed scenes. If not the level of 'Bandit Queen', 'Donnie Brasco', 'Public Enemies' or 'Goodfellas', Veerappan at least deserved a 'Paan Singh Tomar'. Bollywood truly needs to start treating Indian audience as sensible adults, which they are. Since the 1980s, big-budget mainstream Indian-Cinema (including regional) has been treating Indian audience as passive vacuous receptors of anything and everything. Most Indian movies attest to this. Throw something, make money and run away - that's their mool-mantra. To be honest, I would never recommend the likes of 'Veerappan' to anyone sane. It's another avoidable hit-and-run flick which dutifully does its job in pushing Indian viewers into the eager arms of Hollywood.

Reviewed by sgupta001-817-774557 2 / 10 / 10

Totally Avoidable

When a movie comes out about Veerappan, and there have been quite a few, that too from the RGV camp, your hopes run high. But like most his recent movies this disappoints. Three minutes into the movie and I was thinking how to endure the next two hours of this mindless, poorly scripted, poorly scored movie. It is somewhat painful to see the descent of RGV, the filmmaker who mastered the art of Indian gangster movies and carved a name in the horror/thriller genre. This movie is completely passable except the short and natural performance by Usha Jhadhav who plays Veerappan's wife. Overall the movie has nothing more to offer than what you might have already seen in the trailers. What surprises me, the earlier movie by the same director "Killing Veerappan" garnered much more praise and was undoubtedly a better crafted movie. Why he took the pain of shooting another version?

Reviewed by dineshprakash 2 / 10 / 10

Makers just tried to en-cash the Title without any research work

There is only one amazing thing in this film and that is casting of Sandeep Bhardwaj as Veerappan. He is so excellent that you have to constantly remind yourself that he is an actor not Veerappan. His expression, body language, personality and eyes are impeccable for this role. Film is unnecessarily violent. Many flashes of elephant being shot, persons are being chopped with axe and face being crushed with stone. One time was bearable but many times and even in flashback. What! They want to establish Veerappan brutality who is already extra established for his insane ruthlessness. Lacking production value is another hindrance. There is no para-military forces or joint military operation with state Police. Crossing inter state border in front of chasing state Police by Veerappan and his gang looks like that few kids have crossed village border. They prefer to show a single police officer handling the complete operation, going to chase him in childish disguise, by fixing fake long beard over stubble, getting caught then escaping by dropping a waist pouch, which blasts like dusty atom bomb. They try to stuff comedy in this film too, like Veerappan wife lamenting like a common wife of her hardship in forest, a Police personal joking that Veerappan should be invited for birthday this way they will catch him. Police personal widow joking to Veerappan wife that her husband is Osama Bin Laden. What were all this!? Sorry to say but it was not comedy but over creative slap. Film is completely boring. Long montages of Police widow befriending with Veerappan wife. Then convincing her to call his husband to a farm house!? Suddenly a terrorist angle surfaces and sinks without notice. This film is based on amateur rumor rather than on deep research. If all things were fact then there was no need to make a film on it. Torturing with high BP causing injection with an antidote of it!? Climax scene is so lame that Police officer is having coffee while waiting to arrange Veerapan encounter. All scenes are just for the sake of makers.

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