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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

An enjoyably inane 80's comedy hoot

Various cadets train at an academy in order to join the Hollywood vice squad. The feisty Didi (the ever-adorable Linnea Quigley in fine spirited form), the ditsy Shawnee (foxy brunette knockout Karen Russell), and lunk-headed Dwayne (amiable Ken Abraham) not only infiltrate a seedy porno operation, but also a notorious prostitution ring as well. While Rick Sloane's flat direction and witless no-brainer script are anything but subtle or sophisticated, this film nonetheless possesses a certain endearingly clunky cheesiness that's impossible to dislike. The broad send-up of hardcore film-making is crudely amusing; ditto the often repeated knee-to-the-groin gag. Moreover, the cast play their silly parts with gleeful aplomb: Quigley, Russell, and Abraham make for likable leads, Ginger Lynn Allen portrays the spoiled, stuck-up Holly Wells with deliciously bitchy flair to spare, plus are are nifty supporting turns by Jayne Hamil as strict instructor Miss Thelma Louise Devonshire, Stephen Steward as hunky porn stud Chucky Long, Jean Carol as over-the-top evil flesh peddler Queen Bee, Stephanie Bishop as demanding lady porno director Desiree, Christian Barr as forlorn former porn starlet Cherry Pop, Tamara Clatterbuck as snarly streetwalker Sparkle, Jo Steele as brassy hooker Sparkle, and Manny Serrano as scummy drug dealer Snake. Stephen Ashley Blake's plain cinematography is merely acceptable. However, both Alan Der Marderosian's bouncy, throbbing score and the cool rockin' soundtrack hit the bull's eye (the gnarly theme song in particular totally smokes). As a nice added bonus, both Linnea Quigley and Karen Russell bare their beautiful breasts. A real riot.

Reviewed by Uriah43 3 / 10 / 10

A Crude, Low-Budget Comedy which Somehow Manages to Work

In order to graduate from a law enforcement school known as the Vice Academy each of the students are required to arrest a certain number of criminals prior to a set date. One of them, "Holly Wells" (Ginger Lynn) has a huge advantage because her father just happens to be the Chief of Police and gives her all of the resources available to him to be used at her convenience. Unfortunately, she is hardly discreet about it and cheerfully boasts about her successes to everyone else in the classroom. This especially annoys three of her less-fortunate classmates named "Didi" (Linnea Quigley), "Shawnee" (Karen Russell) and "Dwayne" (Ken Abraham) who are having great difficulty trying to pass. So with essentially nothing to lose the three of them concoct a plan to apprehend a notorious prostitution ring which has managed to defeat the entire police force to date. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a crude, low-budget comedy which contained a ridiculous plot and less-than-stellar acting. Yet even with these drawbacks it still managed to be somewhat entertaining all the same. I honestly cannot explain why but I thought some of the scenes were quite amusing. That said, I have rated this movie accordingly. Average.

Reviewed by gridoon 3 / 10 / 10


Well at least the girls are cuties. And....that's about it, as far as the positive things that can be said about "Vice Academy" are concerned. The story is almost offensively stupid (come on, academy trainees sent out on their own to bust real criminals?), and most of the jokes are labored and unfunny. The humor is below-"Police Adademy", hit-to-the-groin level. This gives the impression that the film was aimed at kids, but it's too raunchy for kids; at the same time it's not raunchy enough for adults - there is maybe 1 minute of nudity in total. It's a film without an audience. In one of her first non-porn roles, Ginger Lynn Allen does show some charm, and should have had more screen time. (*)

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