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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon 4 / 10 / 10

Garbage, but Ginger makes it smell a little better

"Vice Academy 2" is worth sitting through only for Ginger Lynn Allen: she is cute, she appears in black lingerie, she wears a revealing dress, she performs (along with Linnea Quigley) a strip dance, and she throws one mean right punch. Other than her, the film is so PAINFULLY drawn-out, so insultingly lame, so persistently witless that you simply won't believe it (just one example: what a brilliant idea to create a powerful half-woman/half-robot crime-fighter and then put a switch on its back that anyone can easily move to "worthless" or "overload" mode). If complete lack of talent was a crime, writer-director Rick Sloane would be serving a life sentence. My rating is pretty generous for this one. (*1/2)

Reviewed by Woodyanders 1 / 10 / 10

A perfectly stupid sequel to the lovably idiotic original

Spunky Didi (the always cute and perky Linnea Quigley) and spoiled rich snob Holly Wells (the delightful Ginger Lynn Allen) are a couple of constantly sparring rookie cops who pose as strippers in order to stop evil villainess Spanish Fly (essayed with deliciously hammy brio by Marina Benvenga) from dumping a powerful aphrodisiac in Los Angeles' water supply. Writer/director Rick Sloane aims low and elicits plenty of cheap laughs by making amusingly broad jokes about such naturally sidesplitting topics as phone sex, vomiting, and bondage. The cast have a field day with their roles: Quigley and Allen have a nice chemistry as the two sexy leads, Jayne Hamil is an absolute riot as snippy, uptight superior Miss Thelma Louise Devonshire, plus there are nifty supporting turns by Scott Layne as smarmy, sexist, conceited stud muffin patrolman Petrolino, Jo Steele as sassy receptionist Jeanie, Jay Richardson as the bumbling police commissioner, Toni Alessandrini as enticing stripper Aphrodite, Teagon Clive as beefy cyborg BimboCop (an obvious parody of RoboCop), and Melissa Moore as brassy hooker Glaze. Tomas L. Calloway's decent cinematography is passable at best, although both Alan Der Marderosian's bouncy, funky score and the cool-rockin' soundtrack are on the money gnarly. Look fast for Duane Whitaker (Maynard in "Pulp Fiction") in a small role. Better still, the luscious Alessandrini struts her sizzling stuff with a much-appreciated striptease while Quigley and Allen steal the whole show with an equally yummy joint striptease act. Sure, this flick is undeniably dumb and silly, but it has a certain endearingly dopey charm to it that's impossible to dislike. Good, undemanding no-brainer fun.

Reviewed by Vomitron_G 1 / 10 / 10

Bimbo Cop? Seriously?

About 15 minutes into "Vice Academy Part 2" I thought the words 'dumb' and 'clumsy' would be accurate enough to describe this comedy. At the end of the movie, though, there was only one thing left to say about it... Utterly moronic. So yes, things go from bad to worse in "Vice Academy Part 2". Arguably, the only two reasons to see this film are Linnea Quigley and Ginger Lynn Allen. They're both good-looking blondes who can't act (something they're very well aware of themselves), and since I have no particular interest in these two ladies I can safely say this whole sorry excuse of a film was completely lost on me. But since I was familiar with Linnea's history as a scream queen in horror movies and Ginger (an ex-pornstar?) apparently has fans of her own, I decided to take a risk and give the dubious "Vice Academy Part 2" a watch. So well, I brought this onto myself. There's virtually no plot to speak of. Some female criminal called Spanish Fly is out to destroy the population of L.A. and she's aiming to do this by polluting the city's water supply with an aphrodisiac. She starts by poisoning the L.A. police department first. Holly (Ginger) & Didi (Linnea) are on the verge of getting fired, but end up getting the assignment of stopping Spanish Fly. Since there's only two main sets in this movie - the police office building and a night club - you can expect not much to happen during the next 90 minutes. And whenever nothing's happening (which is most of the time), the scenes are rigged together with lame sex-jokes. As if writer/director Rick Sloane had one sudden moment of pure genius inspiration, all of the sudden he throws Bimbo Cop into the story. An incredibly cheesy cyborg-cop - who just looks like a female wrestler with a complementary silly outfit - who's supposed to save the day and arrest Spanish Fly at the night club, which is also the perfect setting of course for Ginger & Linnea to perform a striptease act. So yes, the two leading ladies bare their breasts eventually. Obviously, it's meant to be the movie's highlight and it pretty much is. "Vice Academy Part 2" is the equivalent of the Troma company trying to make a straight-up (sexy) comedy. It's very hard to fathom that their were in fact 6 movies made in this "Vice Academy" franchise. It must be a real torment to sit through them all. At least for me, I imagine it to be. I've had more than enough of my share already with this one.

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