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Alan Howard as Oli
Dennis Price as Leonard Pirry
Dirk Bogarde as Lieut. Scott-Padget
Sylvia Syms as Delia Pinner
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Reviewed by christopher-underwood 9 / 10 / 10

a film with something to say that is also a thrill to watch

Of course this is bold, brave, daring and ahead of its time, but it is also a thrilling and emotional ride. I had rather expected this to be earnest and prejudiced, presenting the case against the then law against homosexuality, as if to a child. But, this opens at a gallop and barely pauses as we struggle to find out what is causing the young lad to run for his life seeking help from old colleagues. Along the way we catch fantastic glimpses of late 50s/early 60s London, particularly St Martins Lane, Cambridge Circus and Chiswick Mall. There are several scenes shot inside The Salisbury pub which apparently was a gay pub at the time, although not openly presumably. Dirk Bogarde is great in what can't have been an easy role, particularly at that time. He plays well off Sylvia Syms, who also does well and even Dennis Price puts his head on the block with a similarly brave performance. It would be nice to think todays film makers might be able to make a film with something to say that is also a thrill to watch. Fat chance.

Reviewed by Danielle De Colombie 10 / 10 / 10

Dirk Bogarde Comes Out

I though it was important to remind myself that Victim was made in 1961, when homosexuality was still a crime in many civilized countries. That's partly why I think Victim belongs in a class of its own. Basil Dearden, the director of The Blue Lamp is a personal favorite of mine and Dirk Bogarde, well Dirk Bogarde is an actor who also belongs in a class of his own. Courageous is the first word who comes to mind. He was a hugely popular actor in 1959's England. Beautiful to look at on top of that. A matinée idol who was also gay in real life. Imagine the courage it took to play a secret gay in this movie and he doesn't shy away from giving a face, his face to the truth of his tortured character. - Kudos also to Sylvia Syms who plays his wife. Sylvia Syms who also played the Queen Mother to Helen Mirren's The Queen in 2006 is a real standout and her reaction to her husband's revelation is worthy of study. Superb. Dirk Bogarde with a successful career behind him, started, with this film a new and spectacular career, starring in films directed by Luchino Visconti, Joseph Losey, Reiner Werner Fassbinder, Alain Resnais and others.

Reviewed by clanciai 10 / 10 / 10

Sinister drama tackling the dilemma of the inhuman discrimination of homosexuality

Highly sensitive and important thriller charting the dilemma of homosexuals being extorted for what they are and bringing the necessary attention to inhuman legislation in the field to have it reformed and changed. This was the first film of its kind in England and was soon to be followed by others. Dirk Bogarde makes a very truthful characterization of the lawyer who risks his career, well aware that he can't avoid public unpleasantness or even ruin, by taking up the fight with the blackmailers. The tension of the thriller is that you can never guess who the real blackmailer is until the motives behind it surfaces toward the end. Sylvia Syms makes an equally convincing performance in playing the honest wife who realizes the importance of uncompromisingly facing the truth. The insight into the matter goes deep and is very revealing in its thoroughness and more or less exposes the whole width of the terrible dilemma, which should have been settled with already by the experience of Oscar Wilde. Here it takes two suicides for the matter to be brought to final trial, and it was definitely about time. Dennis Price is also in it, and Peter McEnery opens the drama by staging a mystery - its revelation brings on Dirk Bogarde to action. Philip Green's music adds to the drama, and Basil Dearden's direction is uncompromisingly relentless.

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