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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dreenphlanger 3 / 10 / 10

Hack & slash & fail

It is always difficult to make a movie based on historical facts. One must do a thorough research and properly put those facts in the movie. But one should also try to make that movie interesting and entertaining. Otherwise you'll get a protracted documentary. First of all, the title has almost nothing to do with the story. The story indeed follows the historical facts, but is told in such a messy way, full of illogical, irrational and unjustifiable events and decisions that it is tiresome to watch. You will find illogicality and complete idiocy even during the fight scenes. Moreover, this movie has no specific plot, no higher agenda and no epic moments, which all makes it difficult for the spectators to connect with the story. The story is practically about just one person and I kept wondering why it is so. Throughout the whole movie, the main character is completely and utterly useless, failing each and every challenge in front of him. Call it a paradox, but he somehow managed to fail even when he was winning. I wonder if director's decision was to purposely make this character so weak and clumsy. If it was, it's a bad decision because no one wants to watch a 2-hour movie where the main protagonist is a weakling and an idiot. If it wasn't, then the director has totally failed at his creation. I didn't "see" the main character. I didn't believe in him for one moment. He is not strong, he is not smart, he is not a great warrior, and not a great leader. So why is he the main character? I do not blame any of the actors, they really did their best. I blame the writers and the producers for ruining the potential this story had. Thus, I do not recommend this movie, there are far better ways to spend your time than watching this nonsense.

Reviewed by alexey-perepelkin 1 / 10 / 10

F#king sh%t

Really? Spend a 1 500 000 000 RUB & 7 years to film that bullshit? What a joke, and not a piece of true with a historic moments! Seems director and writer never read a book about that time! Prince Vladimir of Novgorod seems to be an idiot with no power in hand, it is not possible to become a powerful person with such of behaviar as he! So do not recommend to watch it, at all!

Reviewed by ignatsavkin 1 / 10 / 10

The spent 7 years filming this trash

7 years and a huge pile of cash was spent to create this completely non-watchable movie. It was positioned as the most accurate historical video document. Really?! In the very beginning they show a crossbow. In Russia. In 10th century. Really?! Helmets that they wear historically never existed. And so forth. The movie is full of moments that are not understandable and not related to the story line. Complete waste of time and money.

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