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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rubendhrah 10 / 10 / 10

Lessons to be learnt from the movie "Vikram Vedha"

11 lessons to be learnt from the crime thriller movie "Vikram Vedha". 1) What you do is always not right. Killed Puli without knowing whether he is a criminal or not, but rewarded him as criminal, who is actually an innocent soul. 2) Don't guess things without knowing what exactly happened. Vikram guessed Simon was killed by Vedha because under Simon's order the encounter took place where Puli was shot by him. 3) Don't trust anyone who is with you. Vedha and Vedha's brother was targeted to be killed by Ravi. Simon was killed by his own cop brothers. Vikram too was about to be killed by his great cop mates. 4) Police are always not right. Criminals are not always wrong. 5) You can't guess anyone by seeing their eyes. Vikram didn't believe when Vedha said Simon worked for Ravi. Vikram can't find out his own team mates killed Simon. 6) Don't see a thing from one point of view all the time. Vikram had an imagination that Simon was killed by Chandra. But he never had a thought that even his cop friends could have done that for the sake of money. 7) Not everyone who helps you is true to you. Vikram's encounter team was helping him to accomplish the task of encountering Vedha. But Vikram never knew they wanted to do this task just for money. 8) A person can even act as if he is innocent just to make his job done. The new member of the team acted as if he is innocent to Vikram. In the climax when Vikram asked him to give cover, he pulled off the innocent mask and aimed the gun at Vikram itself. 9) Business/work and friendship can't co-exist peacefully. Chetta ordered to kill Chandra because she tried to escape with his money. Ravi wanted to kill Vedha even while working for him. 10) Don't relate your personal life with your work. Priya never helped Vikram, when he asked, he wanted to know the place of Vedha. Profession can't be compromised for personal things. 11) Criminal/Police have a human heart. Vikram was keen to find Vedha and kill him in an encounter. If not in an encounter, he will escape. But, in the climax the great gangster Vedha helped the true police by saving his life. Vikram shot all his team mates in hands and legs so that they will be alive, but killed the unit head who turned all his friends to work for him.

Reviewed by SivakumarBalachandran 10 / 10 / 10

Tamil film industry's answer to the Neo Noir film making - Rock solid and sure not to be missed

Pushkar Gayatri the husband wife duo directors hits the right chord to present an engaging, entertaining, gripping thriller. This is a Neo Noir movie which happens rarely in Tamil. Story is simple straight forward police and gangster cat and mouse or I could say hide seek game. The wow factor is the screenplay which is well crafted and characterisations are well etched. The perfect pace stands out first kept the audience thrilled and guessing till the end. Dialogues are sharp as knife and powerful as the gun shots in the movie. The BGM was rock solid which had added the feel to the play. Coming to the performances Madhavan as Vikram the protagonist a perfect police maintains his grip and emotes intensive emotions particularly when he feels he was used. Vijay Sethupathy on the other hand essays antagonist Vedha a most wanted leader of local gang pulling it off effortlessly seriously effortlessly like so much of assaultness the way he carries himself stands out unique particularly. Loved the in between short stories he threw. Both Madhavan and VJS with their exposed grey carried on their roles picture perfect. They present raw psychological thriller duo. All the other support characters were picked perfect. Varalakshmi's plays an extended cameo but stands out as well the new face lady who plays the lawyer and wife of Vikram. Subtle messages on guilt - revenge - emotions of gangster or the police were the special catch. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this Neo-Noir flick. Verdict : Don't miss it. Hats off to the team Vikram Vedha. Easy 8.5 on 10

Reviewed by nirbhaysingh-86 10 / 10 / 10

A movie which shows the class of South Indian Cinema

First , I got to know about the movie from IMDB , which showed some posters for highest rated current Indian movies. Since, I got too late to the party I did not get to see the movie in theaters and after looking long and hard found the movie with eng subtitle which was great. (because I can only understand hindi and eng). About the movie, amazing acting by Madhvan as always but the 'Betaal' (Vedha) of the move is awesome. His acting is so natural, he is the highlight of the movie. Though movie never tries to give any actor/character more time or importance but the guy just shins like a diamond. I must admit, I did not know anything about the actor before this movie and after writing this I will have to look him up..Also, his character's aging process in flashbacks are awesome as well (i don't know who to praise for that). I got hooked from the first shot of the movie about Vikram & Betaal story , which i loved as a child by the way, and after 15 min in the movie you get the reason for the name. I have seen few South Indian movies before which shows the real standing of this industry compare to Hindi cinema. If Hindi cinema is to copy trends from there, I believe it should be movies like this not the ninja fighting sequence where people hit villains like hulk and they fly for 10 meters. Finally, this movie is a must watch for people who appreciate good cinema but beware "Hero do not fly in this movie and are not as powerful as Bahubali".

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