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Bill Skarsgård as Mickey
Jeffrey Donovan as Agent Meyers
Kyra Sedgwick as Emma Rae King
Maika Monroe as Grace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mvike 6 / 10 / 10

I wanted to love it

I really like Maika, everything she is in is quirky and fun (THE GUEST, was awesome). The male lead was also great, as were the "evil" couple. The acting was so on point, and everyone was incredibly likeable, I think they made the film better than it otherwise would've been! With that said, the plot is kinda wonky, and it's nothing you haven't seen 100x it's kinda the typical, "outlaws stumble upon a dangerous abode" type film. As much as I'm not a comedy fan really, if this was a straight up comedy, it would've been AMAZING!!'s actually a crime/horror/drama/comedy. I believe it tried to be so much that it never really decided what to be. The beginning was light hearted and funny, the middle was a bit odd, but tries to be serious, and the final act it gets super dark out of no where. It's one of those movies that you're glad you saw but probably won't watch again. I liked it, I wanted to love it. Find myself saying this fairly often, but this too would've been a fantastic TV show.

Reviewed by noranamin 9 / 10 / 10

Quickly and boring

I didn't really like the movie , it wasn't even a comedy for me and it was boring even though it's short, I love Bill Skargard but this movie is a waste of time , the story is not interesting and the acting was quite bad especially the ending scene , I regretted watching this movie , save your time and watch another interesting movie

Reviewed by zooou 9 / 10 / 10

Villains are not

The film is really entertaining i loved the relationship the criminal couples had the tow were incredible you will laugh with them and feel sorry for them too , that was the good part of the film the brilliant mix of comedy Drama and thriller. Bill was amazing at the role just like everyone else however the small crew but they will give you too emotion

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